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Dear no one in heaven


Dear no one in heaven,
Silence is thy name.
Your kingdom is nothing.
Your will is nothing.
On earth and on heaven, it is nothing.
Give us this day our daily nothing,
And forgive us nothing
As we also have forgiven nothing to you.
And lead us into nothingness
And spare us from our dreams of existence
For Thine is the silence, the void and the abyss,
Forever and ever.


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Where is that god who took my sins


Where is that god who took my sins
and left the world without a trace?
The thread of life, does he it spins
through a fleeting hour and eternal space?

Who is that man who hangs on a cross?
Who finds beauty in his disgrace?
There is no triumph in a loss,
having no one to embrace.

Where hides your God, almighty father,
in this tiny universe?
Show no fear! Why would you bother
in front of phantoms so diverse?

Notice how the deity hides
within the scientific gaps.
Is this the place where god abides
to avoid my wise and cunning traps?

Oh, yee gods, where are you now?
Where are your feats and mighty wonders?
How much more will you allow
before I hear your silent thunders?



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Glory be to thee my void


Glory be to thee my void
In every second of my days.
Let the gods be destroyed
And all their arcane, secret ways.

Ask for evidence and reasons,
Avoid all myths and fairytales.
Thus your soul and your horizons
Will spot the devil in details.

Allow your mind to notice
All those who live with psychosis.
These mystics, saints and little gods
Are nothing but charlatans and frauds.

Rouse your reason from its slumber.
Keep the gods away from you.
Every god is a human blunder
That hides away all that’s true.

Embrace the world devoid of meaning.
Purify your clouded senses.
Seeing never was believing,
nor was it keeping up pretenses.



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Masturbate in church with Jesus

Christ Held by Half-Naked Men (1940-41)

Masturbate in church with Jesus
Pray to god while having sex.
Take your cross and stroke it gently
Ignore the advice of a sacred text.

Concentrate on holy icons
Notice their wicked looks.
Nothing is above your neurons
neither God, nor his holy books.

Burn your incense on his altar
Be his sacrificial lamb.
Do not fail and do not falter
like that devil Abraham.

Sprinkle your holy water
on the shrine of your esteemed lord.
Kneel down before thy master
Denounce his power and his word.

Keep your god in good spirits
Sing a mournful hymn to him.
There are no boundaries, neither limits
In which your mind could freely swim.

Light a candle for a sinner
Wash his feet with sweat and tears.
Drink his blood and eat his dinner
Receive the demon with no fears.

Devote your hours listening
to the sounds of holy lust.
Glory be to thee my king
who shatters me to hollow dust.

Proclaim the gospel from the rooftops
Announce the hour of a godless grace.
Scorn and scold those sheepish flocks
who bring disgrace to the human race.

Use the scriptures as toilet paper
Cleanse your soul with mortal sins.
Burn the cross of thy saviour
See the end as it begins.


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Questions for every true believer


What is God? Where is God? How do you understand God and do you understand God at all? What meaning God has to you? Do you know God? How do you know God? Who is God to you? Do you believe in God? How do you believe? Why do you believe? Would you rather say that you know God or that you believe in God? What constitutes your belief or your knowledge of God? Where does your belief or knowledge of God come from? Were your parents religious? Were you brought up in a religious environment? How did you discovered God? What was your first experience of God and how do you experience God now? Have you ever experienced God? How did it happened? Would you like to experience God more? Why?

Can you describe God to me? What God does to you? How God appears in your life? Tell me how God communicates with you? Do you hear his voice? Do you feel his presence? How? Do you pray? How and why? Why do you think God appears to you in such a way? Do you feel chosen and blessed by God? Why do you think God made his existence clear to you?

Would you agree that God reveals himself to you through your thoughts, feelings and experiences? In what other way, how and why? Do you identify your feelings, thoughts about God with God, why and why not? Continue reading


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80 thoughts about God, theology and theologians…

william blake architect

  1. When a theologian speaks about God, he speaks about nothing.
  2. If you cannot understand what a theologian is saying, it is because he did not tried to say anything.
  3. Theologians speak a lot of nonsense and are proud of it.
  4. If a theologian wouldn’t be vague he would cease to be a theologian.
  5. If a theologian is not vague, ambiguous and contradictory, he is not a theologian.
  6. Theologians are arm-chair semanticists. They like to play with words and meanings.
  7. Nonsense, logical fallacies, and ambiguities are the lingua franca of theologians.
  8. Theology is a funny language game whose rules no one comprehends, including those who play it.
  9. Theologians assign new meanings to old words and invent new words to change old meanings.
  10. Theologians have a lot of authorities on which they base their arguments, none of them is God.
  11. Theology is an elaborate system of creating something out of nothing.
  12. Theologians like to employ big words to describe their little beliefs.
  13. Theologians jump from man to eternity to God in a single sentence.
  14. Theologians confuse their personal beliefs, feelings, and experiences with God.
  15. Theologians believe in something unknowable in someplace unknown.
  16. Theologian is emancipated from the constraints of reason. God is a license that allows him to run amok.
  17. The benefits of a belief in God is in the knowledge that one can get away with anything.
  18. Belief in god is a tranquilizer, a drug, a narcotic. Theologians are addicts. To cure yourself of a belief in God you should start taking your belief seriously.
  19. Theologians never take their beliefs seriously. If they do, they become atheists.
  20. If a theologian would really believe in God, he would become an atheist.
  21. If a theologian would understand himself, he would become an atheist.
  22. If you succeed tying a theologian to a dogma he will say that you are a dogmatist.
  23. The experience of God paves the way to atheism.
  24. The absence of belief in God is a prerequisite to the experience of God.
  25. God never died because he never lived.
  26. If God existed he would never be God. The existence of God excludes the existence of God.
  27. Faith crumbles when God appears. God’s appearance is his disappearance.
  28. God reveals his face to those who do not believe in him.
  29. Those who believe in God are those who have abandoned humanity.
  30. If you seek God, you have lost yourself.
  31. A theology that poses and parades as being all-inclusive, is, in fact, very selective and exclusive. The most liberal minds are the most conservative. An integral vision is actually a sectarian blindness.
  32. Theological writings are the greatest insult to human intelligence ever written.
  33. Theologians rely on the infinite resource of human gullibility and wishful thinking.
  34. Theologians deceive themselves. As soon as they realize this they become atheists.
  35. Belief in God presupposes self-deception.
  36. Theologian’s belief in God is sustained by perpetual deception of others.
  37. Theologians engage in pseudo-questions and provide pseudo-answers.
  38. Theology is a form of fiction. It becomes a form of madness if it is being mistaken for a representation of reality.
  39. Taken literally theology doesn’t make any sense. If theology makes sense to you, either you are mad or you are a theologian.
  40. Modern theology is a relic of medieval nonsense. It is an atavism of a bygone age.
  41. Theologians like to think that they are being misunderstood by other people when in fact other people are being misunderstood by theologians.
  42. The modern theologian is the new pagan.
  43. Theologian is a modern-day barbarian.
  44. The best arguments against God are those which theologians employ to prove the opposite.
  45. An enemy of a theologian is not someone who disbelieves in God but someone whose faith in God is stronger than his own.
  46. Theologians receive their proper punishment in this world not in the world thereafter.
  47. Theologians are their own worst enemies.
  48. Theologians employ reason in the service of God. Thus the world appears unreasonable to them.
  49. To an eye of a theologian, the constraints of reason are obvious. Hence the necessity of God who has no constraints. God is reason without constraints, in short – God is madness.
  50. No theologian can be a scientist but many scientists can be theologians.
  51. To a theologian contradictions, inconsistencies and uncertainties give evidence for the existence of God.
  52. To a theologian, the best evidence for God is either himself or another theologian.
  53. Mathematics is to physics, what fairy-tales are to theology.
  54. Theologian’s beliefs grow stronger if they have been contradicted and proven false.
  55. Modern theologians do not speak about the dogmas and doctrines of their religion, instead, they speak about their personal experience. They are pseudo-believers and crypto-agnostics.
  56. To a theologian, freedom is actually a dependence from God.
  57. Theologians collapse before the rational imperative of today. They try to reinvent themselves as atheists.
  58. The true believers of tomorrow are those who have lost their faith today.
  59. Conversion of the heart is stubbornness of the mind.
  60. The born-again die twice.
  61. Leap of faith is lack of knowledge.
  62. If God is light, then we are the sun, thinks the theologian.
  63. The biggest compliment you can give to a theologian is that he is not a theologian.
  64. Belief in God is actually nothing but a hope of having a different life.
  65. Belief in God is arrogance and vanity in disguise.
  66. Belief in God is a negation of life. Religion is a cult of death.
  67. A revelation of God is the concealment of man.
  68. The death blow to God is a salvation of man.
  69. Believing in God is doubting yourself.
  70. Theologians want to survive first, only then – to believe in God.
  71. To have a better future in this life theologians preach a better future in life hereafter.
  72. God’s existence and God’s non-existence look very much alike.
  73. The practice of faith is a repetition of beliefs.
  74. Ask a theologian how he practices his faith and he will tell about his beliefs.
  75. Belief in God is a bluff.
  76. If God existed there would be no theologians.
  77. If God existed no one would believe in him.
  78. If the existence of God would become obvious to everyone, theologians would be the first to deny it.
  79. If God existed theologians would explain him away.
  80. To offend a theologian you should proclaim yourself a God.

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There is no God


There is no God and I believe in him.
There is no God and I kneel down before him.
There is no God and I am his image and likeness.
There is no God and my body is his holy temple.
There is no God and the Bible is his word.
There is no God and he blesses the poor and the hungry.
There is no God and he answers my prayers.
There is no God and he forgives my sins.
There is no God and Jesus is his only begotten son.
There is no God and Paul is his chosen apostle.
There is no God and Muhammad is his last prophet.
There is no God and Mary is his mother.
There is no God and Heaven is his throne.
There is no God and Earth is his footstool.
There is no God and Jews are his chosen people.
There is no God and his Kingdom is within me.
There is no God and his Mercy shines upon me.
There is no God and his Love is unlimited.
There is no God and he is the Conqueror of life and death.
There is no God and he is the Master of the universe.
There is no God and he is the Ocean of transcendental bliss.
There is no God and he is all powerful.
There is no God and he is all knowing.
There is no God and he is present everywhere.
There is no God and he is my Lord
There is no God and he is my Provider.
There is no God and he is my Judge.
There is no God and he is my Friend.
There is no God and he is my Salvation.
There is no God and he is my Strength.
There is no God and he is my Joy.
There is no God and he is my Refuge.
There is no God and he is my Life.
There is no God and he is my Everything.

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