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What nonsense gives your spirit wings?


What nonsense gives your spirit wings?
What melody your silence sings?
To which past your future ever clings
above all powers, above all things?

What nonsense inspires you to act?
Is it something concrete or abstract?
All that’s broken, remains intact.
No faith in god refutes this fact.

What nonsense allows your faith to last?
Your hope for future or regret of past?
The universe is indifferent and vast,
Your life is short and fading fast.

What nonsense gives you strength and power?
How much truth you can devour?
Cut down a tree and pluck a flower.
This life of yours lasts but an hour.

What nonsense causes your head to spin?
What are the fruits of death and sin?
All fades away, much to our chagrin.
Our journey ends where we begin.


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I am sitting at my office desk


I am sitting at my office desk
and feeling very Kafkaesque.
No wall or fence is picturesque.
My life is strange and grotesque.

I am sitting on my toilet seat
and feeling small and incomplete.
With useless thoughts I am replete.
All this I hope now to excrete.

I am sitting on a crucifix
and watching the sunset and eclipse.
Nothing left in my bag of tricks,
I return to emptiness and nix.

I am sitting at the feet of Jesus
and hoping to avoid diseases.
He looks at me and then freezes.
He says: The lord does as he pleases.

I am sitting in a railway station.
locked in my anger and frustration.
My past is lost in translation,
death remains my true foundation.

I am sitting in a Chinese temple.
What wisdom is there to assemble?
Before the Void I meditate and tremble.
Oh, what fool I now resemble.


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In this verse I capture you


In this verse I capture you,
my dearest love and nightingale.
Your heart I ever will pursue
and never lose your secret trail.

In this verse I pour my soul,
my heart contains a bleeding hole.
I play this game, act this role
and never seem to lose control.

In this verse I curse my gods.
Let’s be merry and rejoice!
Against all heavy, fearful odds
I will stand up and raise my voice.

In this verse I tell a lie
about the truth that’s hidden here.
These words to all of you apply
So lend my voice a willing ear.

In this verse my soul explodes
in all its force and violent glory.
To happiness lead all the roads,
not in life but in my story.


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My shallow well is very deep


My shallow well is very deep.
My narrow path is very wide.
I live this life in my sleep
and hold to nothing as my guide.

My feeble will is very strong.
My foolish thoughts are very wise.
In my beliefs I am never wrong.
I use the truth as a disguise.

My silent voice is very laud.
My anxious heart is very brave.
Of past mistakes I am always proud.
My road to hell I daily pave.

My evil deeds are very kind.
My silly words are very shrewd.
Into the light I lead the blind,
not to enlighten but to delude.

My godless mind is very pious.
My unclean soul is very pure.
I am free from prejudice and bias.
In all I do I feel secure.

My false views are very true.
My clouded senses are very clear.
To all the gods I say: Adieu!
Goodbye to faith and the religious sphere.


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My pulse beats in your heart


My pulse beats in your heart
and my blood flows in your veins.
All things now fall apart,
No hope or trace remains.

My thoughts appear in your head
and my world is in your eyes.
Our dreams have us misled.
From sleep we now arise.

My breath flows in your mouth
and my scars are in your face.
I believe through your doubt
and find evil in your grace.

My house is in your place
and my bed is in your room.
Of gods I see no trace,
We spend our lives in tomb.

My peace lies in your concern
and my valour is in your fears.
The truth we can’t discern.
It appears and disappears.

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When I became convinced*


When I became convinced that the universe was natural,
That all the ghosts and gods were myths,
There entered into my brain, into my soul, into every drop of my blood,
The sense, the feeling, the joy of freedom.
The walls of my prison crumbled and fell.
The dungeon was flooded with light
And all the bolts and bars and manacles turned to dust.
I was no longer a servant, a serf, or a slave.
There was for me no master in all the wide world, not even in infinite space.
I was free to think.
Free to express my thoughts,
Free to live in my own ideal.
Free to live for myself, and those I loved.
Free to use all my faculties, all my senses.
Free to spread imagination’s wings,
Free to investigate, to guess, and dream and hope.
Free to judge and determine for myself.
Free to reject all ignorant and cruel creeds,
All the inspired books that savages have produced,
And the barbarous legends of the past.
Free from sanctified mistakes and “holy” lies.
Free from the fear of eternal pain,
Free from the winged monsters of the night.
Free from devils, ghosts and gods.
For the first time I was free.
There were no prohibited places in all of the realm of thought.
No error, no space where fancy could not spread her painted wings.
No chains for my limbs.
No lashes for my back.
No flames for my flesh.
No Master’s frown or threat,
No following in another’s steps.
No need to bow or cringe or crawl, or utter lying words.
I was free; I stood erect and fearlessly, joyously faced all worlds.
My heart was filled with gratitude, with thankfulness,
And went out in love to all the heroes, the thinkers who gave their lives
For liberty of hand and brain,
For the freedom of labor and thought to those who fell
On the fierce fields of war.
To those who died in dungeons, bound in chains,
To those by fire consumed,
To all the wise, the good, the brave of every land
Whose thoughts and deeds have given freedom to the sons of men.
And then, I vowed to grasp the torch that they held, and hold it high,
That light might conquer darkness still.

*These tremendous words were written by Robert Green Ingersoll


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There are no rules to follow


There are no rules to follow.
No wisdom we can borrow.
The broadest paths are narrow.
With joy there comes a sorrow.

There are no thoughts to entertain.
No clarity we can attain.
Our utmost efforts are in vain.
Beneath our smiles there hides a pain.

There are no views to support.
No sense or meaning we can distort.
Of our ideals we all fall short.
In guilt we find our last resort.

There are no others to encourage.
No love we can disparage.
Our hatred breeds our marriage.
Our fears will give us courage.

There are no souls to marry.
No burden we can carry.
Our choices always vary
despite our wish to the contrary.

There are no words to express.
No urge we can repress.
Our lack is an excess.
Our follies – our success.

There are no sins to confess.
No minds we can impress.
All order is a mess.
All knowledge – but a guess.


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All my life I have feared


All my life I have feared
the darkness of a silent night.
But now I know. The sky has cleared.
The hidden truth has come to light.

All my life I have counted
golden teardrops in your eye.
Endless fears I have surmounted
touching rainbows in the sky.

All my life I have raped
the Vestal Virgins of my mind.
From all the hells I have escaped,
leaving fallen ghosts behind.

All my life I have claimed
the void behind the royal throne.
Of my past I am not ashamed
though my flaws are widely known.

All my life I have suspended
my beliefs in a godless life.
But now I know. The curse has ended.
Let our peace begin with strife.


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