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I never found the middle way


I never found the middle way
but always maintained a balance.
I never had anything to say
but always took a stance.

I never spent a night or day
in happiness or under stress.
I never felt sad or gay,
being more or doing less.

I never went to church or mosque
but always lived in little hells.
I never found what I lost
nor in deserts, springs or wells.

I never wanted to be misunderstood
and even less to be understood.
I think I could but never would
to understand the misunderstood.

I never smiled in open air
but always wept in secret.
I never had a word to share
but always plenty to regret.


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I forgot myself but I remembered dreaming


I forgot myself but I remembered dreaming,
walking in circles and singing proudly,
laughing and smiling, embracing nothing,
so blindly, kindly and idly.

I forgot myself but I remembered breathing,
inhaling colors and exhaling tinges,
gasping and gulping, sobbing ashes,
embers, powders and lashes.

I forgot myself but I remembered seeking,
searching in clouds, looking for something,
hunting and probing, tracing shadows,
trailing spiders, insects, eagles and doves.

I forgot myself but I remembered seeing,
noticing things and perceiving forms,
witnessing and viewing, peeping through a hole,
look, there hides my soul.

I forgot myself but I remembered hearing,
reviving stillness and catching voices,
listening and learning, expecting blank leaflets,
blankets, faces and noises.

I forgot myself but I remembered sleeping,
resting in uproar and slumbering in havoc,
dozing and napping, never waking,
snoring and yawning, always running amok.

I forgot myself but I remembered needing,
desiring beauty and craving fire,
lacking and yearning, transpiring spirits,
admiring absence, demanding mire.

I forgot myself but I remembered speaking,
saying freely and talking to a pillow,
humming and drumming, muttering echo,
nothing, nothing and nothing.


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Masturbate in church with Jesus

Christ Held by Half-Naked Men (1940-41)

Masturbate in church with Jesus
Pray to god while having sex.
Take your cross and stroke it gently
Ignore the advice of a sacred text.

Concentrate on holy icons
Notice their wicked looks.
Nothing is above your neurons
neither God, nor his holy books.

Burn your incense on his altar
Be his sacrificial lamb.
Do not fail and do not falter
like that devil Abraham.

Sprinkle your holy water
on the shrine of your esteemed lord.
Kneel down before thy master
Denounce his power and his word.

Keep your god in good spirits
Sing a mournful hymn to him.
There are no boundaries, neither limits
In which your mind could freely swim.

Light a candle for a sinner
Wash his feet with sweat and tears.
Drink his blood and eat his dinner
Receive the demon with no fears.

Devote your hours listening
to the sounds of holy lust.
Glory be to thee my king
who shatters me to hollow dust.

Proclaim the gospel from the rooftops
Announce the hour of a godless grace.
Scorn and scold those sheepish flocks
who bring disgrace to the human race.

Use the scriptures as toilet paper
Cleanse your soul with mortal sins.
Burn the cross of thy saviour
See the end as it begins.


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How wonderful it is


How wonderful it is
to live a life like this
where ignorance is bliss
and every hit – a miss.

How wonderful it was
to get a round of applause
when all my strengths were flaws
and all my crimes – laws.

How wonderful it will be
when desert turns into sea
then void and emptiness will flee
in their whole entirety.

How wonderful it is
to live a life like this
when ignorance is bliss
how wonderful it is.


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Liberate yourself from words


Liberate yourself from words,
all these syllables and letters.
Though these winds may bring rewards,
they will hold you down in fetters.

Liberate yourself from thoughts,
all these symbols and images.
Though these birds were out of cages,
they will tie you up in knots.

Liberate yourself from dreams,
all these chimeras and fancies.
Though these moths may tease your soul,
they will never let you go.

Liberate yourself from hopes,
all these promises and wishes.
Though these oaths may let you be,
they will never set you free.

Liberate yourself from motions,
all these flows and dynamics.
Though these waves were in deep oceans,
all of them are just for kicks.

Liberate yourself from deeds,
all these acts and happenings.
Though these weeds were golden seeds,
new life from them never springs.

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I scared my fears away


I scared my fears away
From everything and all.
But these fears to my dismay
were always on display.

I led my soul astray
In wilderness and law.
But this soul to my dismay
Would never fade away.

I formed a god from clay
And gave my breath to him.
But this god to my dismay
Was always dull and grim.

I asked night to shine today
And light to get darker.
But this night to my dismay
Would never go away.

I sought some sense in a blind alley
And meaning in a closed box.
But this sense to my dismay
Was always far away.

I asked time to delay
The scars of my decay.
But this time to my dismay
Would always run away.

I left my life in disarray
And future in my yesterday.
Though my fears were all away
I still had reasons for my dismay.


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Kill the God within yourself


Kill the God within yourself.
Crucify the Christ in you.
Only then your soul shall find
All that’s holy and divine.

Put an end to your hopes and faith.
Destroy the church and monuments.
Only then your soul shall find
All the ties and nets that bind.

Do away with fog and darkness.
Erase the bearded man above.
Only then your soul shall find
That there’s no mystery in love.

Smite the sacraments and scriptures.
Tear up your holy robes.
Only then your soul shall find
All the wisdom, wit and wine.

Come off of your enlightened posture.
Smash the altars and golden calves.
Only then your soul shall find
What is vain and what is fine.

Cease your muttering and prayers.
End your songs and meditation.
Only then your soul shall find
Deliverance and liberation.

Slay the ignorance in your mind.
Wipe out the fears and superstition.
Only then you’ll learn and see
That you, my dear, were always free.


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Write me nothing fluently


Write me nothing fluently
Send me silence movingly
Vow me dust hopefully
Make me humble boastfully

Spend a moment untimely
Show a picture hiddenly
Tell a story quietly
Set me forward backwardly

Find me happy bitterly
Bring me sadness joyfully
Call me never frequently
Fill me up emptily

Keep me present absently
Arrange a thought disorderly
Avoid a trap elusively
Leave a trace unknowingly


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Sleep, my nonexistent soul, sleep


Sleep, my nonexistent soul, sleep.
Deep is my shallow breath, deep.
Peep, my clouded eye, peep.
Cheap is my priceless treasure, cheap.
Leap, my absent reason, leap.
Steep is my darkest hour, steep.
Weep, my silent heart, weep.
Heap is my emptiness, heap.
Sleep, my nonexistent soul, sleep.


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I died today but all is well


I died today but all is well.
The world lives on as you can tell.
I climbed much and always fell,
gazing at my own navel.

Come and listen to my counsel,
Forget the scriptures and the gospel.
There is no heaven nor is there hell,
God is dead and all is well.

The simple fact is very cruel,
Chaos is the only rule.
There is no light on which to dwell,
God is dead and all is well.

There is no boat nor ship to propel.
There is no demon nor an angel.
There is no need to cry and yell,
God is dead and all is well.

Go now, go, my lovely damsel.
There is nothing here to unravel.
The truth is but a magic spell
and the greatest freedom – a prison cell.


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