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Everything will be alright


Don’t cry for me, my little girl.
For you alone my heart will swirl.
Take my hand and hold it tight.
Everything will be alright.

Don’t cry for me, my precious gem.
But If you do, I won’t condemn.
I stand beside you in this fight.
Everything will be alright.

Don’t cry for me, my lovely dove.
With you alone I am in love.
In your presence I take delight.
Everything then is alright.

Don’t cry for me, my sweet rose.
What future brings, no one knows.
Set these words before your sight.
Everything will be alright.

Don’t cry for me, my unknown friends.
This is not how my story ends.
Though shadows may appear tonight.
Everything will be alright.
*Painting – “Sylvester-Smiling” by Robert Henri, 1914.


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In this verse I capture you


In this verse I capture you,
my dearest love and nightingale.
Your heart I ever will pursue
and never lose your secret trail.

In this verse I pour my soul,
my heart contains a bleeding hole.
I play this game, act this role
and never seem to lose control.

In this verse I curse my gods.
Let’s be merry and rejoice!
Against all heavy, fearful odds
I will stand up and raise my voice.

In this verse I tell a lie
about the truth that’s hidden here.
These words to all of you apply
So lend my voice a willing ear.

In this verse my soul explodes
in all its force and violent glory.
To happiness lead all the roads,
not in life but in my story.


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Such love as this


Today I started reading Franklin Foer‘s book “How Soccer explains the World: An unlikely theory of globalization“. When I opened the front cover, I saw this…   Continue reading

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