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Be nice and starve an artist


Be nice and starve an artist.
His life is meaningless.
On air he should subsist
to maintain his success.

Be nice and slay an angel.
His wings are way too big.
Pave his sacred road to hell
and do not care a fig.

Be nice and fuck a virgin.
Her youth won’t last for long.
Caress her hair and touch her skin.
You can do no wrong.

Be nice and throw a preacher
into a lion’s den.
Let lions be his teacher
and not a crowd of men.

Be nice and burn a Bible.
For drivel it contains.
Why bother with such trifle
that keeps your mind in chains.

Be nice and hang a Jesus
into your living room.
His story never ceases
to inspire grief and gloom.

Be nice and waste this hour
if you want to make some strides.
This world is the will to power
and nothing else besides!

*Painting “Martyr on a circus ring” by Fyodor Bronnikov, 1869.

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The Yekaterinburg lecture: Sasha Grey on popular culture


On her journey of becoming a global icon of our time, the multi-talented artist Sasha Grey recently stopped by in Yekaterinburg, Russia to give a public lecture. Yes, you read it right and your eyes are not deceiving you. The former megastar of porn, the wonderful Sasha Grey was not giving a blowie – as one might have thought or expected – she was, rather, sincerely presenting her views and diligently enlightening the masses on the current state of our culture. This is not the beginning of some sick and twisted joke. Far from it. These are dead cold facts. And I have evidence to prove it.

According to the local reports (see – <a http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7QfBx3gdiNQ</a&gt; ), the building – in which our heroine appeared –  was packed with listeners, journalists and other media representatives. Not everyone got in to see the history unfolding right in front of their eyes. The less fortunate had to wait outside for their chance to receive an expert advice on proper being and authentic living.

What follows next should be viewed in the tradition of Demosthenes’ Philippics and Cicero’s letters, Lincoln’s Gettysburg address and Martin Luther King Jr‘s speech “I have a dream”. The Yekaterinburg lecture of Sasha Grey is nothing short of brilliance. Before all is said and done, it will go down in history as one of the greatest orations of modern times. Obama’s ghostwriter should really take notes on how to generate a devoted following and an electrifying magnetism beyond the borders of Washington.
But before I present to you the partial transcript of Miss Grey’s lecture, remember that you read it first here. So, when one fine day my words come true and I acquire a halo of a prophet, you are fully entitled to confess: “Magnus was my master.” Continue reading


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Life is like a dancing Santa Claus


I first heard of Brain Eno about ten years ago. An old painter mystic friend of mine, with whom I had developed a habit of discussing over a glass of beer the meaning of life and other spiritual matters, once gave me Eno’s 1978 record “Music for Airports”.

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The Artist and his Gloves


Here’s a quote I read a couple of days ago. I will quote it here in its entirety:

“The artist is originally a man who turns from reality because he cannot come to terms with the demand for the renunciation of instinctual satisfaction as it is first made, and who then in phantasy-life allows full play to his erotic and ambitious wishes. But he finds a way of return from this world of phantasy back to reality; with his special gifts he moulds his phantasies into a new kind of reality, and men concede them a justification as valuable reflections of actual life. Thus by a certain path he actually becomes the hero, king, creator, favourite he desired to be, without pursuing the circuitous path of creating real alterations in the outer world. But this he can only attain because other men feel the same dissatisfaction as he with the renunciation demanded by reality, and because this dissatisfaction, resulting from the displacement of the pleasure-principle by the reality principle, is itself a part of reality. ” Continue reading


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Une personne extraordinaire


As long as we live, we fancy ourselves superior to others. We cannot help but to feel favored by the clouds. As long as our heart beats our grandeur and pride remains unshaken. Of course, we are nice and cautious enough not to mention it in vain. But even though we try to disguise our self-love, it is obvious to me and likely obvious to anyone else, that there is nothing in the whole bloody world that we value more than our own well-being and whatever we call “our experience”.This is also probably why we are so happy to be involved in the advice-giving-business. We like to remind other people directly or indirectly that “we know better” or at least that “we have something unique to contribute to this world”. We like to think that we are not worthless and wretched and that we are here for a reason. We flatter ourselves that life is somehow made better or worthwhile just by the fact that we are still around and breathing. Continue reading


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