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Every evening I set on fire what in the morning I admire


Every evening I set on fire what in the morning I admire.
Every evening I regret what in the morning I forget.
Every evening I dismiss what in the morning I promise.
Every evening I restore what in the morning I ignore.
Every evening I explore what in the morning I deplore.
Every evening I adore what in the morning I abhor.
Every evening I advise what in the morning I despise.
Every evening I devise what in the morning I revise.
Every evening I contend what in the morning I amend.
Every evening I offend what in the morning I defend.
Every evening I suspend what in the morning I transcend.
Every evening I lose what in the morning I abuse.
Every evening I face what in the morning I erase.
Every evening I destroy what in the morning I enjoy.
Every evening I say what in the morning I delay.
Every evening I neglect what in the morning I protect.
Every evening I deject what in the morning I expect.
Every evening I fear what in the morning I revere.
Every evening I perceive what in the morning I receive.
Every evening I desire what in the morning I require.


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When life rushes by deceptively slow


When life rushes by deceptively slow
and the next moment happened an aeon ago,
When stones and graves like flowers grow
and the sand of a desert like rivers flow,
When the door of a house is its solitary window
and the only bridge is that of a rainbow,
When the broad road is narrow
and the deep well is shallow,
When the target hits the arrow
and the clouds fall from the snow,
When the wall dances on a shadow
and joy brings more sorrow,
When the foe is the best fellow
and experience makes you more callow,
When the end is now
and past – tomorrow,
Then remember and know:
“As above, so below.”


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Where would human goodness be without music, books and poetry?


Where would human goodness be
without music, books and poetry?

Where would faith and honor be,
without a touch of bigotry?

Where would truth and fairness be
without the lies and trickery?

Where would awe and blessing be
without the wit and irony?

Where would creed and dogma be
without the fear and uncertainty?

Where would all the religions be
without the deceit and idolatry?

Where would grace and forgiveness be
without the blame and cruelty?

Where would joy and happiness be
without the pain and misery?

Where would bliss and pleasure be
without the trouble and malady?

Where would praise and laudation be
without the pretense and mockery?

Where would condemnation and disapproval be
without the applause and flattery?

Where would grief and sadness be
without the fun and comedy?

Where would rights and freedoms be
without the crime and slavery?

Where would love and kindness be
without the pious hostility?

Where would sympathy and friendship be
without the fervent enmity?

Where would trust and affection be
without the sarcasm and animosity?

Where would stars and insects be
without a healthy rivalry?

Where would gift and giving be
without the constant thievery?

Where would fact and substance be
without the myth and ambiguity?

Where would our tomorrows be
without a timely obituary?

Where would all the feelings be
without the numbness and apathy?

Where would meaning and wisdom be
without the folly and absurdity?


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Thank you hatred for your kindness


Thank you hatred for your kindness.
Thank you reason for your madness.
Thank you violence for your calmness.
Thank you night for your brightness.

Thank you laughter for your sadness.
Thank you pride for your shyness.
Thank you sight for your blindness.
Thank you light for your darkness.

Thank you anger for your mildness.
Thank you fear for your boldness.
Thank you praise for your rudeness.
Thank you slander for your politeness.

Thank you friendship for your aloneness.
Thank you compassion for your meanness.
Thank you discord for your oneness.
Thank you void for your wholeness.

Thank you bias for your fairness.
Thank you skill for your ineptness.
Thank you health for your illness.
Thank you sickness for your wellness.

Thank you silence for your loudness.
Thank you sound for your stillness.
Thank you crime for your rightness.
Thank you evil for your goodness.


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Only innocent heroes deserve to be hanged


Only innocent heroes deserve to be hanged.
Only innocent victims deserve to be shot.
Only innocent thieves deserve to be flogged.
Only innocent eyes deserve to be closed.

Only innocent sinners deserve to be punished.
Only innocent virgins deserve to be seduced.
Only innocent fools deserve to tricked.
Only innocent martyrs deserve to be burned.

Only innocent animals deserve to be killed.
Only innocent riots deserve to be crushed.
Only innocent lives deserve to be wasted.
Only innocent criminals deserve to be adored.

Only innocent poets deserve to be banished.
Only innocent stories deserve to be suppressed.
Only innocent secrets deserve to be revealed.
Only innocent dreams deserve to be destroyed.

Only innocent tales deserve to be banned.
Only innocent books deserve to be censored.
Only innocent thoughts deserve to be dismissed.
Only innocent lies deserve to be told.


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Put the fragrance of a flower into words


Put the fragrance of a flower into words.
Express the sound of a lonely note.
Draw the colors of an absent rainbow.
Describe the sound of ocean waves.

Put the smell of burnt onions into words.
Express the sweetness of a bitter honey.
Draw the laughter of a little boy.
Describe the eyes of the loved one.

Put the stillness of a night into words.
Express the noise of a falling snowflake.
Draw the taste of a sour apple.
Describe the voice of a roaring wind.

Put the movement of an hour into words.
Express the ripple of a hidden breath.
Draw the pulse of an unknown heart.
Describe the glitter of your death.


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I dance for you, my crippled brother


I dance for you, my crippled brother.
I run for you, my maimed brother.
I travel for you, my barbaric brother.
I talk for you, my mute brother.
I sing for you, my deaf brother.
I gaze for you, my blind brother.
I laugh for you, my sad brother.
I cry for you, my happy brother.
I lie for you, my honest brother.
I eat for you, my hungry brother.
I drink for you, my thirsty brother.
I learn for you, my foolish brother.
I read for you, my illiterate brother.
I sleep for you, my awake brother.
I walk for you, my lame brother.
I meditate for you, my anxious brother.
I worry for you, my calm brother.
I fight for you, my cowardly brother.
I rule for you, my servile brother.
I sin for you, my good brother.
I slay for you, my innocent brother.
I marry for you, my solitary brother.
I love for you, my evil brother.
I live for you, my dead brother.


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No poet ever wrote a poem


No poet ever wrote a poem.
No singer ever sang a note.
No power ever solved a problem.
No citizen ever had a vote.

No builder ever built a castle.
No actor ever played a role.
No soldier ever fought a battle.
No deity ever saved a soul.

No writer ever wrote a story.
No artist ever imitated nature.
No moment ever had its glory.
No hour ever left the future.

No writer ever wrote a volume.
No liar ever told a lie.
No money ever had a value.
No mirror ever saw an eye.

No sentence ever contained a letter.
No forest ever had a tree.
No border ever had a center.
No man or woman were ever free.


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