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If every evil thing was nice


If every evil thing was nice
would you ever lose your vice?
If every word had a price
would you ever give advice?

If every day would be the same
would you ever reach your aim?
If no one knew from whence you came
would you forget and omit your name?

If every moment was your last
would you contemplate your past?
If tomorrow comes to pass
would your lot be ever cast?

If your thoughts were loud and clear
would that make you more sincere?
If distant gods were close and near
would you make them disappear?

If sunlight was dark and gloom
would you bravely embrace your doom?
If death approaches in your bloom
would you blame someone but whom?


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I am living in a fantasy


I am living in a fantasy
where nothing ever bothers me.
I close my eyes and then I see
the illusion of reality.

I am living in a dreamy state
where everything is good and great.
Though I fall for every bait,
I am the master of my fate.

I am living in an empty home.
I feel surrounded and yet alone.
There is so much that is unknown
in this place I call my own.

I am living in a savage jungle.
Every hope there seems to crumble.
I am not shy nor am I humble.
For to live means to stumble.

I am living in a fairytale
and searching for the holy grail.
Though I found the secret trail
All this has been to no avail.

I am living in a lonely thought.
It is a virus I have caught.
Though I struggled and I fought,
my foolish life has come to naught.

I am living in a poetry.
What madness and insanity!
So much hatred and vanity
to give glory to humanity.


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In my thoughts I laugh at you


In my thoughts I laugh at you
while outwardly I nod.
Believe the lies I hold for true
and worship me as god.

In my eyes I see you through
while outwardly I look away.
You really do not have a clue
that I have led you far astray.

In my heart I hate your breath
while outwardly I blow a kiss.
I hope you have a painful death
and evaporate in the abyss.

In my soul I wish you dead
while outwardly I smile.
Your life is hanging on a thread
that I’ve been cutting for a while.

In my mind I see your grave
while outwardly I pray for you.
All your life you’ve been a slave
whom I attempted to subdue.

While outwardly it seems so odd
in my heart I do not care.
I live my life as a god –
dead, unconscious, unaware.



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How sad is life


How sad is life
that doesn’t end.
An eternal strife,
it is, my friend.

How sombre is
that breath we take.
Afraid to miss
and to awake.

How happy faces
bring us tears.
These hints and traces
of our fears.

How silence brings
that cry within.
It hurts, it stings
beneath the skin.

How near and far
our path may go.
How lost we are,
we’ll never know.


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One life is not enough


One life is not enough
To become so wise and tough.
All wisdom is a bluff,
One life is not enough.

One word is not enough
To appear so nice and rough.
For the smoke I daily puff,
One word is not enough.

One thought is not enough
To do my job and stuff.
If common sense is fluff,
One thought is not enough.

One breath is not enough
To die in rage and huff.
Why live without a puff
If one breath is not enough?

One life is not enough
To ignore the wise and tough.
I’ll do my best to bluff,
For one life is not enough.


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