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Take with me a little drink


Take with me a little drink.
Let’s do this fast without a blink.
From evil sins we should not shrink.
Let’s fill our cups and do not think.

Ride with me for a little while,
not a lifetime but just a mile.
Upon our journey fate will smile,
the death of gods makes it worthwhile.

Play with me a little game.
Call this life without an aim.
I will lose and receive the fame,
you will win and get the blame.

Dance with me for a little bit
Why hesitate? Just do it!
Why bother ’bout the holy writ?
All these fancies you should quit.

Stay with me for a brief hour
Keep your face from turning sour.
Above all gods we will tower
like a tree next to a flower.


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Worship me, my humble god


Worship me, my humble god
as your draw your last breath.
I’ll walk the path that is broad
and celebrate your lonesome death.

Worship me, my humble angel
and watch the glory of my life.
To wickedness be no stranger
but stay away from war and strife.

Worship me, my humble goddess
under the covers of my bed.
Every law we shall transgress
until we both are lying dead.

Worship me, my humble saviour
from the debris of this mess.
All my thoughts and my behaviour
shape the world that I possess.

Worship me, my humble lord
with every fiber of your being.
From all my heart I say this word:
Please disappear and leave.

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So little of my life is spent


So little of my life is spent
in finding out what all this meant.
My rule of life is my own bent,
I have no sins to repent.

So little of my path is known.
No fate is carved in rock or stone.
From a little seed a tree is grown,
On this journey I embark alone.

So little of my time is used
in matters clear and not confused.
In front of nothing I am bemused,
my ignorance can be excused.

So little of my heart is warm,
I consider this to be the norm.
I love all change but not reform.
In my glass there reigns a storm.

So little of my work is done
amidst the noise and all the fun.
Of sacred gods I will have none,
I will crush them one by one.


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Run away from me, dear friends


Run away from me, dear friends.
Hurry up. Do not delay!
As this life begun, so it now ends.
We grow only to decay.

Run away from me, dear Christians.
Flee the truth outside your God.
Find no answers to my questions.
Obscure this life as strange and odd.

Run away from the holy truth.
Avoid the scissors of my mind.
Your dreams and hopes will never soothe
that sleep and void you leave behind.

Run away from your own shadow.
Hide the shame of your youth.
Your splendid life is cheap and shallow
even when you know the truth.

Run away from me, my daughters.
Keep your souls clean and pure.
Not a fish swims in my waters.
All this void I alone endure.

Run away from me, dear friends.
Hurry up. Do not delay!
As this life begun, so it now ends.
We grow only to decay.


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I fear that I could die


I fear that I could die
from secret magic spells.
Please do not ask me why
I wear my cap and bells.

I feel that I could live
after my time is done.
What advice then I would give
when all is past and gone.

I fear that I could see
that ghost who lives in me.
I hope it never hears
my doubts and my fears.

I fear that I could climb
the highest mountain top
and spend all my time
in bliss until I drop.

I fear that I could make
the universe from scratch.
These chains then I would break
from gods I would detach.

I fear that I could crawl
like a beast on all fours.
I feel no shame at all
to revive my old sores.


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From this dark and gloomy hour


From this dark and gloomy hour
I will brush away my past.
In my hands I hold the power
to keep on fighting to the last.

From this gulf and deepest abyss
I will reach the velvet sky.
I choose to live within this bliss,
my youthful soul will never die.

From this present state of things
I will change the world for you.
See this flower – how it springs
into each moment fresh and new.

From this dry and arid ground
I will make the water flow.
With greenest grass it will abound,
where is this place you’ll never know.

From this smashed stone and rock
I will erect a monument.
On empty space I will daily knock
and live in fear and discontent.

From this tiny loaf of bread
I will feed the multitude.
Bring forth the living and the dead
Receive your poison and your food.

From this little grain of sand
I will build the universe.
I thought it will forever stand
but the truth is quite the reverse.


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No more gods my mouth will praise


No more gods my mouth will praise,
All these ghosts I will erase.
Show me deities that you embrace,
All these dreams I will debase.

No more visions my eyes will see.
From superstitions I am free.
The death of gods I do foresee.
From my life all ghosts will flee.

No more mysteries my mind will find,
All these ghosts I have left behind.
The gods I saw when I was blind,
my deeds were evil when I was kind.

No more shadows my hands will touch,
I will walk without a crutch.
Bearded saints, gods and such,
these things I do not value much.

No more prayers I will say,
your pious whims I do not obey.
From narrow path I’ll turn away,
not tomorrow but today.

No more demons my heart will fear,
To no ghosts I will adhere.
To hell with lies, let’s be sincere.
Gods are gone and that is clear.

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