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The Apophatic Road


Even though the process of religious decomposition has been quietly going on at least since the period of Reformation and Renaissance, the exact timeline of the demise of the Christianity and the bankruptcy of its plausibility structures has yet to be determined as it still unfolds before our very eyes. We are too close to the phenomenon to have a clear view of it. We cannot read a text if our eyes are glued to single letters. They say that in historical studies context is everything. However, this may not be entirely accurate. We cannot take into account everything as that would be truly impossible. There are too many things to take notice of. Yes, the context is limitless, but exactly this is the reason why no one can account for everything. It would be an utter foolishness to even try to grasp the whole background and history of things. Moreover, by stepping back too far from the text, we run the danger of losing ourselves in the forest of context. And yet, we need to draw the line somewhere and start reading and understanding the text in the view of a partial, somewhat limited, even biased context. This is what I am going to attempt to do in this post. Continue reading


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