Questions for every true believer


What is God? Where is God? How do you understand God and do you understand God at all? What meaning God has to you? Do you know God? How do you know God? Who is God to you? Do you believe in God? How do you believe? Why do you believe? Would you rather say that you know God or that you believe in God? What constitutes your belief or your knowledge of God? Where does your belief or knowledge of God come from? Were your parents religious? Were you brought up in a religious environment? How did you discovered God? What was your first experience of God and how do you experience God now? Have you ever experienced God? How did it happened? Would you like to experience God more? Why?

Can you describe God to me? What God does to you? How God appears in your life? Tell me how God communicates with you? Do you hear his voice? Do you feel his presence? How? Do you pray? How and why? Why do you think God appears to you in such a way? Do you feel chosen and blessed by God? Why do you think God made his existence clear to you?

Would you agree that God reveals himself to you through your thoughts, feelings and experiences? In what other way, how and why? Do you identify your feelings, thoughts about God with God, why and why not?

What is the content of your faith? What evidence do you have for your faith? Do you have any evidence for the existence of God? Do you need any evidence to believe in God? What kind of evidence do you need to know that God exists? Can you prove that your God exists?

Is God important to you? How important is God to you? Why is God important to you? Do you believe in God because you want to receive something back? Do you want to be rewarded for your faith? Do you think that God will reward you for your faith? Do you think that God bestows blessings upon those who believe in him?

What is the purpose of your faith? Do you want to save yourself from Hell? Do you want to save your soul from eternal damnation? Are you looking for a nice, warm place in Paradise? Do you want to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven and be greeted as a faithful servant by your God? Or, perhaps, you don’t believe in this superstitious nonsense? Perhaps you have evolved further in your faith? Perhaps now you want to become God yourself? Do you want to reunite with your deity and become one being with her? Do you want to dissolve your Ego into the divine light which goes beyond all words and descriptions? Do you want to reach the eternal bliss of Nirvana? Do you want to extract yourself from the cycle of maya? Do you want to transcend yourself? Do you want to develop your soul on a evolutionary progressive path of metempsychosis? Do you want to be better, wiser and happier, is this the reason why you believe in God? Or perhaps these things are of no importance to you? If you are indifferent to all this, then would you be so kind and answer me – why do you believe in God? Merely to feel good about yourself? Merely to waste time? Or perhaps because you haven’t found anything better to do in life? Perhaps this is a caricature and if so my question still stands – why do you believe in God? Is it because you cannot not believe? Is it because it feels right for you to believe? Is it because you have believed all your life and now cannot abandon this old habit of yours without appearing as a fool or martyr of fate?

Do you worship your God? How do you worship God? How do you practice your faith? Do you practice your faith? Why do you practice your faith? Do you prostrate yourself before God? Do you bend your knees in humility and penance? Do you light a candle before a statue or sacred image of your God? Do you meditate like a mummified Buddha? Why do you do this? Do you want to feel better about yourself? Do you want to eliminate your fears? Do you want to dull your perception and desensitize your mind to the feelings you get? Do you kowtow before an idol three times a day? Do you avoid certain foods like beans, onions and pork? Do you abstain from wine and other strong drink to honor your God or do you honestly believe that these practices are purely of secular nature and that they are beneficial to your health? Do you restrict yourself from certain sinful acts? Do you observe the Commandments and keep the Sabbath? Do you restrain yourself from sexual desires? Do you perform any sacred rituals? Do you participate in holy liturgies and religious ceremonies? Do you fast regularly? Do you wear a cross necklace to protect yourself from evil spirits? Do you count the beads of your rosary to remind yourself that God is near? Do you cross yourself each time before entering the sanctuary of your God? Do you give thanks to the lord for your daily blessings? Do you read Holy Scriptures every day to rejuvenate your faith and to receive inspiration from his Word? Do you burn incense for your God? Do you sacrifice food, plants, flowers, animals for your God? Why do you do these things? Does your God demand these acts and these thoughts? How is God demanding this from you? What would happen if you would cease worshiping your God? Would God be angry at you? Would God punish you for your disobedience? How?

Would you kill another human being if your God commanded you to do so? Would you steal if your God would allow it? Would you castrate yourself if your God demanded this from you? How far would you follow God? Is there any deed that you would not dare to do to honor your God?

Can you imagine your life without God? How would it feel to live if there would be no God? Would you feel any different from the way you are feeling right now? Would you live differently if there were no God? Why and why not? Would your life be meaningless if there were no God? Can you imagine something that would invalidate your faith? Can your beliefs about God be falsified? Perhaps personal illness or a nuclear war could change your mind? And what about the death of your beloved one? If your belief in God would be outlawed, would you still believe in God? Or imagine if intelligent alien species from another galaxy visited Earth and proclaimed themselves as the one true and only God, would you still believe in your own deity? Or if, let’s hypothetically assume, scientists would prove conclusively that God does not exist, would you still believe? Why and why not?



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9 responses to “Questions for every true believer

  1. One question for the unbeliever: what do you do with the historical fact of the resurrection of Jesus Christ?

    • Are you seriously maintaining that the resurrection of Jesus Christ was an actual, physical event in history? There is no historical evidence whatsoever for the actuality of the phenomenon of resurrection let alone the resurrection of Jesus Christ or any other mythical hero of the past.

  2. Since when are fanciful Jewish folktales and myths regarded as historically plausible evidence? Biblical narratives constitute no proof of resurrection. But I am willing to be entertained. Show me the evidence and not a verse in the Bible or your preconceived beliefs in the supernatural.

  3. What is the evidence you have of it not happening? There is a huge burden of proof on any doubter about the single biggest event in our history. You must have some plausible explanation for why this is so.

  4. The resurrection happened and any basic look at evidence and history will show this. EVEN atheists and scholars who are anti-Jesus/anti-Bible have the sense to admit this. Examples:

    Bart Ehrman “Historians, of course, have no difficulty whatsoever speaking about the belief in Jesus’ resurrection, since this is a matter of public record.”

    Reginald Fuller “The disciples thought that they had witnessed Jesus’ appearances, which, however they are explained, “is a fact upon which both believer and unbeliever may agree”

    Before we even get to evidence, you must realize that majority of NT Scholars (again, not Christians per se, and from secular universities) and even atheists have looked at the evidence and cannot deny.

    If you want to dispute it, I’m interested in hearing what you think occurred.

  5. Jesus appeared out of nowhere, entered an existence marked by cynicism, cyanide-thinking and death-wishes, invaded the all of me with an unconditional love, forgave the unforgivable, and put on a path of inevitable security.

  6. There’s a certain liberation from John Lennon’s “Imagine”, when he sings “Imagine there’s no Heaven.” From our physical perspective, life’s our only chance in time. Upon death we’ll either evolve into some other cognizant lifeform… or sense nothing. Religion is the hope for an afterlife. Courageous post. Peace.

  7. NoOneKnows

    The negative-ology [the attempt to know life or God by what it is not] within your essays and poetry, express the futility without resolve that we have all experienced. And it is true, the scholarly sect will agree there is no historical evidence of Jesus’ resurrection but that is the beauty of faith. To believe without empirical proof. If there is proof then faith is not necessary. Now, I was brought up by a lukewarm Catholic, [mostly robotic] and a self-proclaimed atheist, and through a long faith journey through Buddhism, Judaism, Confucius mixed with Islam in the Sufi tradition, Shinto, and Hinduism, I have found Christianity to philosophically absorb all the best of these ism and that Jesus was the only religious leader to do what he did. To back-up, with his own flesh and blood, not the lives of others, to prove he meant what he said and said what he meant, and, he, himself, would BE the living example, when he proclaimed to “love your enemy.” He is the only religious leader who ever said that, and he did not mean to release a bunch of socio-paths into our elementary schools but for us to free our hearts of the anger and fear that arose from the myths surrounding the idea that ‘an eye for an eye’ can provide any satisfaction in life. And, so I have to ask, what proof is there for a critic? What proof, what kind of phenomena, could God possibly “perform” for a critic to see God exists? What proof, other than what is right before the eyes, can convince the critic that God is present and to be convincing enough without, #1 not altering the mind psychologically to the point of religious paranoia, and #2, removing free will altogether? I can only relate to this as a parent, that I hope I can receive my children’s love because of me, who I am. [Sound familiar?] Not because I have the power to rule over them, not because I will continue to remind them that without me they will not survive, not because I would bully them to recognize my authority, or use any type of emotional blackmail to secure their obedience. If I receive their love of their own free will, then that IS what love is. I believe this is true of God, that the love would be of our own free will, and if what is right before the eyes is not enough, then nothing will ever be good enough. That if the perception is, what is right before the eyes is always labored with a futility that has no resolve, that everything is unpleasant, ugly, cursed and recognized with a sense of “not good enough”, and to blame God for the evil men do, then this is easy enough for me to see, much less for God to see, that this perception has already made their choice and it is a choice they are free to have. That true conviction of faith can only reveals a virtue worthy to live by, if it is not coerced. “If a thing is free to be good it is also free to be bad. And free will is what has made evil possible. Why, then, did God give them free will? Because free will, though it makes evil possible, is also the only thing that makes possible any love or goodness or joy worth having.” C.S. Lewis – Mere Christianity.

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