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There’s nothing you can do


Why are you standing tall
as if there’s so much you can do?
You are but a billiard ball
flogged by a hidden cue.

Why are you running after
ghosts so fresh and fancies – new?
This is nonsense and that is laughter
and there’s nothing you can do.

Why are you crashing waves
hoping to be pulled through?
Paradise lies in tombs and graves
and there’s nothing you can do.

Why are you spending hours
if you do not have a clue?
Wisdom is like plucking flowers
and there’s nothing you can do.

Why are you confessing sins
as if those all were really true?
Your ball is hit and so it spins
and there’s nothing you can do.


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I looked into the mirror’s eye


I looked into the mirror’s eye
And saw a bird fall from the sky.
Always cautious and afraid to die,
It never learned how to fly.

I looked into the devil’s nest
And saw a god at ease and rest.
Always happy and very blessed,
It never dared to protest.

I looked into emptiness
And found plenty there to possess.
For I had more in having less –
Freedom, love and tenderness.

I looked into empty space
And saw no mark of any trace.
If treason was a warm embrace,
Then hatred is beyond disgrace.

I looked into the ocean’s waves
And saw that kings were former slaves.
Nothing matters and no one saves
Those who leave their empty graves.


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Where is that god who took my sins


Where is that god who took my sins
and left the world without a trace?
The thread of life, does he it spins
through a fleeting hour and eternal space?

Who is that man who hangs on a cross?
Who finds beauty in his disgrace?
There is no triumph in a loss,
having no one to embrace.

Where hides your God, almighty father,
in this tiny universe?
Show no fear! Why would you bother
in front of phantoms so diverse?

Notice how the deity hides
within the scientific gaps.
Is this the place where god abides
to avoid my wise and cunning traps?

Oh, yee gods, where are you now?
Where are your feats and mighty wonders?
How much more will you allow
before I hear your silent thunders?



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Glory be to thee my void


Glory be to thee my void
In every second of my days.
Let the gods be destroyed
And all their arcane, secret ways.

Ask for evidence and reasons,
Avoid all myths and fairytales.
Thus your soul and your horizons
Will spot the devil in details.

Allow your mind to notice
All those who live with psychosis.
These mystics, saints and little gods
Are nothing but charlatans and frauds.

Rouse your reason from its slumber.
Keep the gods away from you.
Every god is a human blunder
That hides away all that’s true.

Embrace the world devoid of meaning.
Purify your clouded senses.
Seeing never was believing,
nor was it keeping up pretenses.



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Who sees behind my eyes


Who sees behind my eyes
That mask with many I’s
Who spells the truth as lies
And grieves when no one dies.

Who hears behind my ears
That note that disappears
Who meets his death with cheers
And happiness with fears.

Who feels behind my heart
That self that falls apart
Who ends at the start
And arrives to depart.

Who speaks behind my tongue
That little piece of dung
Who spoke, yet never sung
And blessed right as wrong.

Who thinks behind my mind
That precious gem and find
Who leaves the gods behind
with no words or thoughts – defined.


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When clouds appear in the sky


When clouds appear in the sky
I do not look for an eye
For I know these clouds are blind
Like a body without a mind.

When rain pours down from the clouds
No mysteries it shrouds
For I know this rain is clear
Like a soul without fear.

When waves approach the shoreline
I do not look for the divine
For I know these waves are tame
No one knows from where they came.

When wind blows in the fields
No shadow to it yields
For I know this wind is light
It has no power nor has it might.

When snow falls on the trees
With that soft and mellow ease
If only it could please
That eye that never sees.


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What do I remember


What do I remember
What do I forget,
Nothing I can render
Nothing I beget.

What do I notice
What do I ignore,
Everything is out of focus
But nothing is in blur.

What do I discover
What do I create,
There’s nothing to recover
But plenty to negate.

What do I assert
What do I proclaim,
There’s no one I can hurt
And none I can blame.

What do I observe
What do I ponder,
There’s nothing I deserve,
So, nothing to wonder.

What do I bother
What do I care,
No one is my brother
But everyone is dear.


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