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I urinate on the Holy Ghost


I urinate on the Holy Ghost.
My golden rain he loves the most.
For godly things I have an itch.
This triune god is my bitch.

I urinate on Jesus Christ,
no lesser man would have sufficed.
Your sins, let me wash away,
repent and be baptized today.

I urinate on God the Father
for besides him, there is no other.
Let me shave your white beard off
and in your face then laugh and scoff.

I urinate on the Blessed Virgin
for she was born without a sin.
Would you like to fuck as well
and then promptly go to hell?

I urinate on Lucifer
for it is human – to sin and err.
May all the devils see this sight
in which your star will burn so bright.

I urinate on the muslim prophet
and do this proudly without regret.
Your Allah, too, can suck my cock
24/7 around the clock.

I urinate on all Hindu idols.
In ugliness they have no rivals.
Shiva, Vishnu, Krishna, Ganesh,
from this earth you soon will vanish.

I urinate on Buddhist enlightenment.
It offers nothing but confinement.
I better smoke weed to death
than meditate on my breath.

I urinate on all holy books,
on fanatics and religious crooks.
No godly man is spared this fate
Come and see, before it’s too late.

I urinate on all sacred things,
Be they heroes, gods or kings.
No spirit, deity or rule of law
can force my mind to withdraw.

*Photograph “Piss Christ” by Andres Serrano, 1987.


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Be nice and starve an artist


Be nice and starve an artist.
His life is meaningless.
On air he should subsist
to maintain his success.

Be nice and slay an angel.
His wings are way too big.
Pave his sacred road to hell
and do not care a fig.

Be nice and fuck a virgin.
Her youth won’t last for long.
Caress her hair and touch her skin.
You can do no wrong.

Be nice and throw a preacher
into a lion’s den.
Let lions be his teacher
and not a crowd of men.

Be nice and burn a Bible.
For drivel it contains.
Why bother with such trifle
that keeps your mind in chains.

Be nice and hang a Jesus
into your living room.
His story never ceases
to inspire grief and gloom.

Be nice and waste this hour
if you want to make some strides.
This world is the will to power
and nothing else besides!

*Painting “Martyr on a circus ring” by Fyodor Bronnikov, 1869.

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What peace and blessings without a god

Portrait de Voltaire (Francois Marie Arouet dit, 1694-1778) tenant l'annee litteraire. Peinture de Jacques-Augustin-Catherine Pajou (1766-1828), 18eme siecle. Paris, Comedie Francaise

What peace and blessings without a god.
To be human is to be flawed.
In my mistakes I rejoice,
for happiness is all by choice.

What love and meaning without a deity.
I celebrate myself with gaiety.
My heart is filled with joy and peace
for I know all this will cease.

What happiness without god’s grace.
I have no shadows to embrace.
Freedom – such a precious thing.
To only her my soul will sing.

What wisdom without creeds, beliefs.
No gods and spirits my mind conceives.
In all the temples and sacred churches
I haven’t found anything to purchase.

What clarity without religious notions.
Let us speak without emotions.
I cleanse my tongue from god’s good word
and all that’s foolish and absurd.

*Painting “Portrait of Voltaire” by Jacques Augustin Catherine Pajou

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My shallow well is very deep


My shallow well is very deep.
My narrow path is very wide.
I live this life in my sleep
and hold to nothing as my guide.

My feeble will is very strong.
My foolish thoughts are very wise.
In my beliefs I am never wrong.
I use the truth as a disguise.

My silent voice is very laud.
My anxious heart is very brave.
Of past mistakes I am always proud.
My road to hell I daily pave.

My evil deeds are very kind.
My silly words are very shrewd.
Into the light I lead the blind,
not to enlighten but to delude.

My godless mind is very pious.
My unclean soul is very pure.
I am free from prejudice and bias.
In all I do I feel secure.

My false views are very true.
My clouded senses are very clear.
To all the gods I say: Adieu!
Goodbye to faith and the religious sphere.


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Worship me, my humble god


Worship me, my humble god
as your draw your last breath.
I’ll walk the path that is broad
and celebrate your lonesome death.

Worship me, my humble angel
and watch the glory of my life.
To wickedness be no stranger
but stay away from war and strife.

Worship me, my humble goddess
under the covers of my bed.
Every law we shall transgress
until we both are lying dead.

Worship me, my humble saviour
from the debris of this mess.
All my thoughts and my behaviour
shape the world that I possess.

Worship me, my humble lord
with every fiber of your being.
From all my heart I say this word:
Please disappear and leave.

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Let me drink my cup of wine


Let me drink my cup of wine
and throw my pearls before the swine.
All these evil deeds of mine
will greatly please the Divine.

Let me worship little devils
and get my pleasures and my thrills.
I will run through seas and hills
in search for shudders and lovely chills.

Let me deny the holy ghost
drink my wine and propose a toast:
Let’s raise our glasses to our host,
these evil thoughts we fear the most.

Let me say this one more time
my hands are clean, I’ve done no crime.
I do not care a single dime
about the truth and the sublime.

Let me add just one more thing
there is no light a night could bring.
Into the world I have to swing
not step by step but at one full fling.


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Masturbate in church with Jesus

Christ Held by Half-Naked Men (1940-41)

Masturbate in church with Jesus
Pray to god while having sex.
Take your cross and stroke it gently
Ignore the advice of a sacred text.

Concentrate on holy icons
Notice their wicked looks.
Nothing is above your neurons
neither God, nor his holy books.

Burn your incense on his altar
Be his sacrificial lamb.
Do not fail and do not falter
like that devil Abraham.

Sprinkle your holy water
on the shrine of your esteemed lord.
Kneel down before thy master
Denounce his power and his word.

Keep your god in good spirits
Sing a mournful hymn to him.
There are no boundaries, neither limits
In which your mind could freely swim.

Light a candle for a sinner
Wash his feet with sweat and tears.
Drink his blood and eat his dinner
Receive the demon with no fears.

Devote your hours listening
to the sounds of holy lust.
Glory be to thee my king
who shatters me to hollow dust.

Proclaim the gospel from the rooftops
Announce the hour of a godless grace.
Scorn and scold those sheepish flocks
who bring disgrace to the human race.

Use the scriptures as toilet paper
Cleanse your soul with mortal sins.
Burn the cross of thy saviour
See the end as it begins.


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