Let me drink my cup of wine


Let me drink my cup of wine
and throw my pearls before the swine.
All these evil deeds of mine
will greatly please the Divine.

Let me worship little devils
and get my pleasures and my thrills.
I will run through seas and hills
in search for shudders and lovely chills.

Let me deny the holy ghost
drink my wine and propose a toast:
Let’s raise our glasses to our host,
these evil thoughts we fear the most.

Let me say this one more time
my hands are clean, I’ve done no crime.
I do not care a single dime
about the truth and the sublime.

Let me add just one more thing
there is no light a night could bring.
Into the world I have to swing
not step by step but at one full fling.



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4 responses to “Let me drink my cup of wine

  1. My kind of good time! On a more critical note, that little interruption in the rhyme scheme is disconcerting.

  2. MercuryPearson


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