My shallow well is very deep


My shallow well is very deep.
My narrow path is very wide.
I live this life in my sleep
and hold to nothing as my guide.

My feeble will is very strong.
My foolish thoughts are very wise.
In my beliefs I am never wrong.
I use the truth as a disguise.

My silent voice is very laud.
My anxious heart is very brave.
Of past mistakes I am always proud.
My road to hell I daily pave.

My evil deeds are very kind.
My silly words are very shrewd.
Into the light I lead the blind,
not to enlighten but to delude.

My godless mind is very pious.
My unclean soul is very pure.
I am free from prejudice and bias.
In all I do I feel secure.

My false views are very true.
My clouded senses are very clear.
To all the gods I say: Adieu!
Goodbye to faith and the religious sphere.



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4 responses to “My shallow well is very deep

  1. Wow. Do you really think your shallow well is very deep? I wish I would have written that from a different POV. –Smile– There should be an award or recognition for your efforts.

  2. I would pull this in case you want to write a book. Publishers generally won’t use stuff that’s been “published on the net”.. And really just starting to read your work, I would say this is a keeper.

  3. lovely and profound as always.. I agree with that guy; u gotta get urself published!!

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