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Une personne extraordinaire


As long as we live, we fancy ourselves superior to others. We cannot help but to feel favored by the clouds. As long as our heart beats our grandeur and pride remains unshaken. Of course, we are nice and cautious enough not to mention it in vain. But even though we try to disguise our self-love, it is obvious to me and likely obvious to anyone else, that there is nothing in the whole bloody world that we value more than our own well-being and whatever we call “our experience”.This is also probably why we are so happy to be involved in the advice-giving-business. We like to remind other people directly or indirectly that “we know better” or at least that “we have something unique to contribute to this world”. We like to think that we are not worthless and wretched and that we are here for a reason. We flatter ourselves that life is somehow made better or worthwhile just by the fact that we are still around and breathing. Continue reading


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