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Pretend I’m lost, then come and find me

Hieronymus_Bosch_051 conjurer

Pretend I’m lost, then come and find me.
Pretend I’m hungry, then come and feed me.
Pretend I’m ill, then come and heal me.
Pretend I’m honest, then come and deceive me.
Pretend I’m wise, then come and fool me.
Pretend I’m strong, then come and defeat me.
Pretend I’m wealthy, then come and rob me.
Pretend I’m amusing, then come and ignore me.
Pretend I’m guilty, then come and forgive me.
Pretend I’m filthy, then come and cleanse me.
Pretend I’m pretty, then come and love me.
Pretend I’m holy, then come and adore me.
Pretend I’m charming, then come and please me.
Pretend I’m noble, then come and serve me.
Pretend I’m tranquil, then come and disturb me.
Pretend I’m austere, then come and tease me.
Pretend I’m lonely, then come and approach me.
Pretend I’m alluring, then come and seduce me.
Pretend I’m angry, then come and appease me.
Pretend I’m worried, then come and console me.
Pretend I’m dead and say something nice.

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God is a thought away from not existing… (100 more thoughts about the same)

1. God is a thought away from not existing.
2. Forgive those who believe in God for they don’t know what they are doing.
3. The bubble in which God lives bursts as soon as you touch it.
4. God is what happens when probability fails.
5. The chance happening is often mistaken for God.
6. God is an accident which theologian failed to explain.
7. Theologians first believe in God and then await what will happen.
8. What is obvious to a theologian, is obscure to everyone else.
9. God is a possibility from which theologian has made a necessity.
10. God is an uncertainty made certain by a theologian.
11. God is a performance by a theologian.
12. God is like a banana peel on which theologians slip.
13. All footprints of God belong to a man.
14. God is theologian’s hermeneutical key to unlock the mysteries of the Universe.
15. Mystery of God points to another mystery that is not God.
16. Humans are far too creative to be satisfied with the non-existence of God.
17. To create a new God one should abolish an old religion.
18. Modern theologian is a medieval witch born four centuries too late.
19. Bronze age deities today wear modern clothes.
20. Theologians fight against reason with a thought about God. Continue reading


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A hundred more thoughts about God, theology and theologians

ecce-homo botero

1. God loved the world so much that he decided not to exist.
2. The most well-know God is the unknown God.
3. Belief in God is a sin against reason.
4. The temptation to believe in God comes from the Devil.
5. God is never blamed for not arriving in time.
6. To feel important and indispensable, attach your life to God.
7. Small minds believe in God, genius believes in himself.
8. God is not your Shepherd even though you may feel like his holy lamb.
9. It is the thought about God that appeals to Man, not God himself.
10. God is an unfulfilled promise, a promise of a better life.
11. If you are happy because you believe in God, you do not really believe in God. Continue reading


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To whom all the roses nod and all the stars wink…*


I remember reading a while ago a statement of Anatole France. He said that the chief business of life is “killing time.” And so it is. What is the difference if we gather all the facts of the universe into our brains for the worms to eat? They might give the worms indigestion. What matters it how much we get together? It lasts but a short time. It never brings what we expect. All we get from it is the self-forgetfulness that comes from gathering it. We get from the gleaning the loss of self-consciousness, which after all is the only thing that makes life tolerable to the ordinary person, or the extraordinary for that matter. One can imagine nothing more tiresome and profitless than sitting down and thinking of one’s self. If you are bound to work and cannot avoid work, and can be lost in the work, it is the most tolerable life after all that one can have. Now, I never was industrious. I could prove that by a number of people here tonight. Still, I have always worked. Some task is always waiting for me and someone always calling to me. And I could not avoid the task or ignore the call. So the sixty-one years of my life have slipped by and I have scarcely known it. Continue reading

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My writings are a Picnic


My hands are sweating. I feel the pressure in my lungs. The pressure to waste my dear life by putting these letters in half-meaningful knots – symbols – which, so I am told, have meaning beyond themselves. My breath goes in and out – in her own separate and flirty way. I don’t follow her. I only wish I could. I would like to capture and to seduce her.  Out of the blue and into the dark. She rises so mysteriously and so swiftly. She recedes into silence from whence she comes again and again. I am full of vigor and life when she is near. But when I catch and hold her, if only for a moment, I am out of breath instantly. I let her go in the hope that she will be back soon. Indeed, she returns shortly, only to disappear again. So many breaths wasted and so many more to come. Life is but a breath. Be wise and waste it. Allow it to run freely to no end, down the hill and through the valley. Continue reading


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