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I urinate on the Holy Ghost


I urinate on the Holy Ghost.
My golden rain he loves the most.
For godly things I have an itch.
This triune god is my bitch.

I urinate on Jesus Christ,
no lesser man would have sufficed.
Your sins, let me wash away,
repent and be baptized today.

I urinate on God the Father
for besides him, there is no other.
Let me shave your white beard off
and in your face then laugh and scoff.

I urinate on the Blessed Virgin
for she was born without a sin.
Would you like to fuck as well
and then promptly go to hell?

I urinate on Lucifer
for it is human – to sin and err.
May all the devils see this sight
in which your star will burn so bright.

I urinate on the muslim prophet
and do this proudly without regret.
Your Allah, too, can suck my cock
24/7 around the clock.

I urinate on all Hindu idols.
In ugliness they have no rivals.
Shiva, Vishnu, Krishna, Ganesh,
from this earth you soon will vanish.

I urinate on Buddhist enlightenment.
It offers nothing but confinement.
I better smoke weed to death
than meditate on my breath.

I urinate on all holy books,
on fanatics and religious crooks.
No godly man is spared this fate
Come and see, before it’s too late.

I urinate on all sacred things,
Be they heroes, gods or kings.
No spirit, deity or rule of law
can force my mind to withdraw.

*Photograph “Piss Christ” by Andres Serrano, 1987.


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Kill the God within yourself


Kill the God within yourself.
Crucify the Christ in you.
Only then your soul shall find
All that’s holy and divine.

Put an end to your hopes and faith.
Destroy the church and monuments.
Only then your soul shall find
All the ties and nets that bind.

Do away with fog and darkness.
Erase the bearded man above.
Only then your soul shall find
That there’s no mystery in love.

Smite the sacraments and scriptures.
Tear up your holy robes.
Only then your soul shall find
All the wisdom, wit and wine.

Come off of your enlightened posture.
Smash the altars and golden calves.
Only then your soul shall find
What is vain and what is fine.

Cease your muttering and prayers.
End your songs and meditation.
Only then your soul shall find
Deliverance and liberation.

Slay the ignorance in your mind.
Wipe out the fears and superstition.
Only then you’ll learn and see
That you, my dear, were always free.


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Questions for every true believer


What is God? Where is God? How do you understand God and do you understand God at all? What meaning God has to you? Do you know God? How do you know God? Who is God to you? Do you believe in God? How do you believe? Why do you believe? Would you rather say that you know God or that you believe in God? What constitutes your belief or your knowledge of God? Where does your belief or knowledge of God come from? Were your parents religious? Were you brought up in a religious environment? How did you discovered God? What was your first experience of God and how do you experience God now? Have you ever experienced God? How did it happened? Would you like to experience God more? Why?

Can you describe God to me? What God does to you? How God appears in your life? Tell me how God communicates with you? Do you hear his voice? Do you feel his presence? How? Do you pray? How and why? Why do you think God appears to you in such a way? Do you feel chosen and blessed by God? Why do you think God made his existence clear to you?

Would you agree that God reveals himself to you through your thoughts, feelings and experiences? In what other way, how and why? Do you identify your feelings, thoughts about God with God, why and why not? Continue reading


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God is a thought away from not existing… (100 more thoughts about the same)

1. God is a thought away from not existing.
2. Forgive those who believe in God for they don’t know what they are doing.
3. The bubble in which God lives bursts as soon as you touch it.
4. God is what happens when probability fails.
5. The chance happening is often mistaken for God.
6. God is an accident which theologian failed to explain.
7. Theologians first believe in God and then await what will happen.
8. What is obvious to a theologian, is obscure to everyone else.
9. God is a possibility from which theologian has made a necessity.
10. God is an uncertainty made certain by a theologian.
11. God is a performance by a theologian.
12. God is like a banana peel on which theologians slip.
13. All footprints of God belong to a man.
14. God is theologian’s hermeneutical key to unlock the mysteries of the Universe.
15. Mystery of God points to another mystery that is not God.
16. Humans are far too creative to be satisfied with the non-existence of God.
17. To create a new God one should abolish an old religion.
18. Modern theologian is a medieval witch born four centuries too late.
19. Bronze age deities today wear modern clothes.
20. Theologians fight against reason with a thought about God. Continue reading


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A hundred more thoughts about God, theology and theologians

ecce-homo botero

1. God loved the world so much that he decided not to exist.
2. The most well-know God is the unknown God.
3. Belief in God is a sin against reason.
4. The temptation to believe in God comes from the Devil.
5. God is never blamed for not arriving in time.
6. To feel important and indispensable, attach your life to God.
7. Small minds believe in God, genius believes in himself.
8. God is not your Shepherd even though you may feel like his holy lamb.
9. It is the thought about God that appeals to Man, not God himself.
10. God is an unfulfilled promise, a promise of a better life.
11. If you are happy because you believe in God, you do not really believe in God. Continue reading


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Sympathy for the devil


Once in a far away country by the Atlantic ocean where the sunshine is brighter and the stars seem closer to the eye than the moon, a curious oddity fell upon my gentle psyche – for a brief moment in time I was possessed by the devil. Even a year ago I wouldn’t have ever believed myself or any other fellow creature of good-humored constitution and rationally sound nature that such a dark and gloomy predicament was accessible for human exploration and was open to an unbiased interpretation and unprejudiced judgement – indeed, in my scholarly naivete, I thought that the production of wildest chimeras and fantastic fancies is the sole prerogative of those poor and deficient souls who are deprived of the creative element and who lack the supreme faculty of imagination, i’m referring, of course, to the religious and artistic types – but now as I recall to my shame the strange sequence of events that took place on that fateful night, I cannot but restate the bold and simple truth of the obvious facts – the great Lightbearer was leading me down the path of ruin. After having thoroughly examined the matter myself retrospectively under the careful scrutiny of reason and the microscope of logic and with the guidance of the scientific method, this was the only credible account and reasonable explanation that I could come up with. All things considered and all angles approached, in the nonsense of life only devil makes sense. Continue reading

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The Apophatic Road


Even though the process of religious decomposition has been quietly going on at least since the period of Reformation and Renaissance, the exact timeline of the demise of the Christianity and the bankruptcy of its plausibility structures has yet to be determined as it still unfolds before our very eyes. We are too close to the phenomenon to have a clear view of it. We cannot read a text if our eyes are glued to single letters. They say that in historical studies context is everything. However, this may not be entirely accurate. We cannot take into account everything as that would be truly impossible. There are too many things to take notice of. Yes, the context is limitless, but exactly this is the reason why no one can account for everything. It would be an utter foolishness to even try to grasp the whole background and history of things. Moreover, by stepping back too far from the text, we run the danger of losing ourselves in the forest of context. And yet, we need to draw the line somewhere and start reading and understanding the text in the view of a partial, somewhat limited, even biased context. This is what I am going to attempt to do in this post. Continue reading

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