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Twist your tongue in Gordian knots


Twist your tongue in Gordian knots.
Veil your face with shame and fury.
Close your mouth with a frozen smile.
Fill your ears with melting wax.
Tie yourself to the fleeting mast.
Do not listen to the distracting Sirens.
Let the storm come.
Be indifferent.
Throw your virtues to the winds.
Scatter your manners in the sea.
You have no time for future
but an eternity for the past.
Run ahead to the forgotten lands.
Escape this hour of dream.
Be ruthless, heartless, headless.
Be fast.

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How little I feared when I wasn’t brave


How little I feared when I wasn’t brave.
How little I loved when I wasn’t vile.
How little I laughed when I wasn’t sad.
How little I cried when I wasn’t glad.
How little I found when I wasn’t lost.
How little I lied when I wasn’t honest.
How little I heard when I wasn’t deaf.
How little I saw when I wasn’t blind.
How little I felt when I wasn’t numb.
How little I knew when I wasn’t ignorant.
How little I said when I wasn’t silent.
How little I learned when I wasn’t illiterate.
How little I dreamed when I wasn’t awake.
How little I am when I wasn’t myself.
How little I lived when I wasn’t dead.

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Questions for every true believer


What is God? Where is God? How do you understand God and do you understand God at all? What meaning God has to you? Do you know God? How do you know God? Who is God to you? Do you believe in God? How do you believe? Why do you believe? Would you rather say that you know God or that you believe in God? What constitutes your belief or your knowledge of God? Where does your belief or knowledge of God come from? Were your parents religious? Were you brought up in a religious environment? How did you discovered God? What was your first experience of God and how do you experience God now? Have you ever experienced God? How did it happened? Would you like to experience God more? Why?

Can you describe God to me? What God does to you? How God appears in your life? Tell me how God communicates with you? Do you hear his voice? Do you feel his presence? How? Do you pray? How and why? Why do you think God appears to you in such a way? Do you feel chosen and blessed by God? Why do you think God made his existence clear to you?

Would you agree that God reveals himself to you through your thoughts, feelings and experiences? In what other way, how and why? Do you identify your feelings, thoughts about God with God, why and why not? Continue reading


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