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Sympathy for the devil


Once in a far away country by the Atlantic ocean where the sunshine is brighter and the stars seem closer to the eye than the moon, a curious oddity fell upon my gentle psyche – for a brief moment in time I was possessed by the devil. Even a year ago I wouldn’t have ever believed myself or any other fellow creature of good-humored constitution and rationally sound nature that such a dark and gloomy predicament was accessible for human exploration and was open to an unbiased interpretation and unprejudiced judgement – indeed, in my scholarly naivete, I thought that the production of wildest chimeras and fantastic fancies is the sole prerogative of those poor and deficient souls who are deprived of the creative element and who lack the supreme faculty of imagination, i’m referring, of course, to the religious and artistic types – but now as I recall to my shame the strange sequence of events that took place on that fateful night, I cannot but restate the bold and simple truth of the obvious facts – the great Lightbearer was leading me down the path of ruin. After having thoroughly examined the matter myself retrospectively under the careful scrutiny of reason and the microscope of logic and with the guidance of the scientific method, this was the only credible account and reasonable explanation that I could come up with. All things considered and all angles approached, in the nonsense of life only devil makes sense. Continue reading

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O wine, most limpid, pure, and crystalline*


‘Twas writ at first, whatever was to be,
By pen, unheeding bliss or misery,
Yea, writ upon the tablet once for all,
To murmur or resist is vanity.

There is a mystery I know full well,
Which to all, good and bad, I can not tell;
My words are dark, but I can not unfold
The secrets of the station where I dwell.

Slaves of vain wisdom and philosophy,
Who toil at Being and Nonentity,
Parching your brains till they are like dry grapes,
Be wise in time, and drink grapejuice like me!

Small gains to learning on this earth accrue,
They pluck life’s fruitage, learning who eschew;
Take pattern by the fools who learning shun,
And then perchance shall fortune smile on you.

Youth is the time to pay court to the vine,
To quaff the cup, with revelers to recline;
A flood of water once laid waste the earth,
Hence learn to lay you waste with floods of wine. Continue reading

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I am not Chomsky


My first encounter with the name of Noam Chomsky was relatively recent. Maybe ten or eleven years ago when I was still dreaming big, hoping for miracles to happen and living in the daily presence of God and other fairy tales, somebody, I don’t remember who, told me that a certain Noam Chomsky is a very important thinker of our age and that I should definitely check him out. Me being me, naturally I ignored him and probably I even forgot the name of Chomsky until the year of 2005, when YouTube came around. Yes, thanks to YouTube  I learned soon about many things and many more names of which I was only dimly aware before. YouTube became a kind of surrogate parent or, even better, a babysitter of the mind, a curious gap filler of my ever-hungry lacuna of ignorance. Continue reading


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