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Books, altars and faith

william t howell allchin open book and spectacles

Everything that I know, I am sure, I know not.
Everything that I have truly learned I have forgotten.
My own opinions I view with great suspicion.
Feeling that I am right I know that I am wrong.
Only in doubts I remain certain and assured.
Theories that I have proved I consider refuted.
Beliefs that I hold firmly I consider false.
Views with which I agree I regard as misguided.
I disregard the evidence that I have gathered.
My sight is blurred and my vision – myopic.
How could I cast the last stone?
How could I have the keys to every cave and alley?
My experiences are a spider’s web of prejudices and biases.
I abhor sentiments which reflect my own.
People that I regularly meet are strangers to me.
My brothers are ghosts and my sisters are shadows.
Books are the altars on which I sacrifice my hours
and all the letters in the world are the articles of my faith.

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