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So many arrows unaimed


So many arrows unaimed.
So many mountains unmoved.
So many lights unlit.
So many deeds undone.
So many words unsaid.
So many stories untold.
So many voices unheard.
So many questions unasked.
So many places unknown.
So many books unread.
So many sentences unwritten.
So many theories unproven.
So many minds unsettled.
So many paths untaken.
So many roads untraveled.
So many passions unruled.
So many emotions untamed.
So many ills uncured.
So many needs unmet.
So many hopes unchained.
So many souls unrested.
So many dreams unborn.
So many faces uncared.
So many heroes unnamed.
So many hearts unloved.


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Does a cloud gives advice to the birds?


Does a cloud gives advice to the birds?
Does the ocean tries to break free from its waves?
Does a volcano blushes for its bursts of fire?
Does the fire apologizes for its burning flames?
Does a knife resents its bloody slaughters?
Does the Earth regrets her spinning motions?
Does a leaf asks what is its purpose?
Does a tree explores its ancient roots?
Does a flower searches for the meaning of life?
Does the wind chases after its dreams?
Does a fly longs for fame and glory?
Does a blade of grass writes its own story?
Does a storm engages in the pursuit of happiness?
Does a moth envies other moths?
Does the sun tremble before darkness?
Does a stone desires to realize its wishes?
Does a mouth worries about what it says?
Does a worm prays to heaven for divine assistance?
Does the smoke wants to accomplish great things before it disappears?
Does a snowflake panics when it melts in the sunlight?
Does the thunder fears of not being remembered?
Does a crocodile feels ashamed of his looks?
Does an ant strives to motivate its brothers?
Does a mountain travels to see the beauty of this world?
Does a breath seeks to remain in the present moment?
Does the ground wants to be in touch with itself?
Does nature seeks approval for her visions?
Does the universe celebrates its birth?
Does time mourns its passing?
Does rain wishes to do good?


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I am a farce, an epigram and an irony

I am a farce, an epigram and an irony.
I am a joke, an anecdote and a parody.
I am a fable, a myth and a fantasy.
I am a satire, a skit and a travesty.

I am a narrative, a fiction and a forgery.
I am a praise, an applause and a flattery.
I am a sermon, a parable and an allegory.
I am a mime, a copy and a mimicry.

I am a story, a letter and a biography.
I am a book, a novel and a library.
I am a report, a record and a registry.
I am a tale, a drama and a tragedy.

I am a ballad, a song and a melody.
I am a lyric, a stanza and a symphony.
I am a chant, a verse and a poetry.
I am an opus, an epic and a rhapsody.

I am a manuscript, a text and a history.
I am a saga, a romance and a comedy.
I am a journal, an archive and a diary.
I am an article, a column and a commentary.

I am a idea, a concept and a theory.
I am a thought, an image and a memory.
I am a emblem, a symbol and an analogy.
I am a perspective, a view and a tendency.

I am a fact, a truth and a reality.
I am a faith, a trust and a certainty.
I am a form, a system and an objectivity.
I am a creed, a doctrine and an authority.

I am a superstition, a delusion and a fancy.
I am a error, a mistake and a fallacy.
I am a fear, a tradition and an irrationality.
I am a mirage, a confusion and a mockery.

I am a paper, a scroll and an inquiry.
I am a sign, a syllable and a vocabulary.
I am a metaphor, a simile and an affinity.
I am a facet, a feature and a glossary.

I am a theme, a treatise and an essay.
I am a prose, a tract and a metonymy.
I am a lecture, a seminar and an oratory.
I am a process, a measure and an activity.

I am an index, an abstract and a bibliography.
I am a paragraph, a chapter and a summary.
I am a page, an inscription and an obituary.
I am a proverb, a dictum and an eulogy.


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Grow a garden in my flower, raise a forest in my tree…


Grow a garden in my flower
Raise a forest in my tree
Throw a river in my pebble
Find a desert in my spring.

See a pillow in my needle
Send a bottle in my letter
Shoot a sky in my arrow
Ring a tower in my bell.

Light a temple in my candle
Drink a table on my glass
Thrust a heart in my dagger
Hear the ears in my sound.

Build a city in my house
Learn a language in my word
Save the devils from my heaven
Hide a shadow in my smile.

Paint a wall on my painting
Sweep the air from my ashes
Steal a dream in my sleep
Lead the pastures in my sheep.

Lose a box in my treasure
Pluck a vineyard in my grape
Offer an altar to my victims
Sink an ocean in my ship.

Move the Sun around my planets
Free the prison in my soul
Pronounce a court in my edict
Spend a life in my hour.


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Everything’s laughter


Everything’s laughter
Everything dust
Everything nothing
Everything rust

Everything’s after
Everything more
Everything matter
Everything war

Everything’s tomorrow
Everything past
Everything narrow
Everything vast

Everything’s forest
Everything name
Everything yes
Everything same

Everything’s steam
Everything fun
Everything dream
Everything one Continue reading

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The voice inside me meditates


The voice inside me meditates.
No feelings, no thoughts, no images and wishes.
Only stillness, silence, few deep breaths,
The voice inside me meditates.

The voice inside me meditates.
No stillness, no silence, no deep breaths.
Only feelings, thoughts, images and wishes,
The voice inside me meditates.

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Love the thought of your own death


Love the thought of your own death.
Invite the advent of your eclipse.
Celebrate the dust and ashes of your bones
while you wear your coat of thorns.
Think of happiness as you lose your senses
and be joyful as you give up your pretenses.
Imagine the sunlight without your fences.
Catching the shadows by their eyes,
fill the night with gleaming riddles.
Shun those touches, breaths, traces
as you count your curses and your graces.
Keep wonders, appearances, faces
for the living, immortal and empty spaces.
The days you waste and leave in haste
have vanished and ended.
All your needs and your rare tastes,
fear not, death embraces.

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