Masturbate in church with Jesus

Christ Held by Half-Naked Men (1940-41)

Masturbate in church with Jesus
Pray to god while having sex.
Take your cross and stroke it gently
Ignore the advice of a sacred text.

Concentrate on holy icons
Notice their wicked looks.
Nothing is above your neurons
neither God, nor his holy books.

Burn your incense on his altar
Be his sacrificial lamb.
Do not fail and do not falter
like that devil Abraham.

Sprinkle your holy water
on the shrine of your esteemed lord.
Kneel down before thy master
Denounce his power and his word.

Keep your god in good spirits
Sing a mournful hymn to him.
There are no boundaries, neither limits
In which your mind could freely swim.

Light a candle for a sinner
Wash his feet with sweat and tears.
Drink his blood and eat his dinner
Receive the demon with no fears.

Devote your hours listening
to the sounds of holy lust.
Glory be to thee my king
who shatters me to hollow dust.

Proclaim the gospel from the rooftops
Announce the hour of a godless grace.
Scorn and scold those sheepish flocks
who bring disgrace to the human race.

Use the scriptures as toilet paper
Cleanse your soul with mortal sins.
Burn the cross of thy saviour
See the end as it begins.



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  1. if you’re feeling sinister…

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