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Oh death, how sweet you are, you Queen of non-existence!


Rejoice, I am dying! Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men. Wave your arms in the air! Dance with stomping feet! Praise my return to nothingness! With each passing day and with each passing hour, I am getting closer to my grave. I am getting old and tired. I have approached the legal age of twenty-one but my mind has reached the ripe age of sixty-four and my soul has wandered around the multiverse for countless aeons, many infinitillions, nulillions, zebrillions, dandellions, jillions, sicillions, quadriltillions, lilmildillions, panrilfillions, bezdillions, gazillions, billions and millions of years. In my previous lives I was an angel, a Martian, a dinosaur, a mammoth, a priest, a poet, a philosopher, a drunkard, a martyr, a zealot, a harlot and an infinite number of more ideas, dreams and beings. But I was never a king, never a ruler, because I despise all power and all glory. Continue reading


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