I never found the middle way


I never found the middle way
but always maintained a balance.
I never had anything to say
but always took a stance.

I never spent a night or day
in happiness or under stress.
I never felt sad or gay,
being more or doing less.

I never went to church or mosque
but always lived in little hells.
I never found what I lost
nor in deserts, springs or wells.

I never wanted to be misunderstood
and even less to be understood.
I think I could but never would
to understand the misunderstood.

I never smiled in open air
but always wept in secret.
I never had a word to share
but always plenty to regret.



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5 responses to “I never found the middle way

  1. Your poetry is unique, it is Heart Touching! ❤

  2. writethesoul

    You are raw poetry.

  3. I never found the middle way neither…Your words describe perfectly how I feel..you just touched my soul. Keep on writing because you do an amazing job.

  4. You never lost it either!

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