What do I remember


What do I remember
What do I forget,
Nothing I can render
Nothing I beget.

What do I notice
What do I ignore,
Everything is out of focus
But nothing is in blur.

What do I discover
What do I create,
There’s nothing to recover
But plenty to negate.

What do I assert
What do I proclaim,
There’s no one I can hurt
And none I can blame.

What do I observe
What do I ponder,
There’s nothing I deserve,
So, nothing to wonder.

What do I bother
What do I care,
No one is my brother
But everyone is dear.



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7 responses to “What do I remember

  1. blkjk96

    Reblogged this on A Creative Writing Place and commented:
    It’s a lonely life and they are precious.

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  3. Lesley Slade

    Love the rhythm and the sentiments. Well done.

  4. Great way to capture the various paradoxes of the world we live in. I especially liked the end: “No one is my brother/But everyone is dear.”

  5. Hi, Thank for stopping by. I find your blog very creative & inspiring. Keep up the good work! Best wishes, Ayeh.

  6. I like your poetry. Much of it is dark, yet in this one, your last line shines light. Interesting…

  7. An excellent collection of paradoxes.

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