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Lego ergo sum


Why do you read so much? Why do you like reading? People usually give the following reasons:

– I want to learn more about the world and people around me. Reading is the short-cut to knowledge.
– Reading expands my horizon and challenges me. It makes me smarter and more interesting to talk to.
– Learning from the mistakes of others allows me to avoid committing a mistake of my own.

No doubt, much of what is mentioned here rings true to us. This is because we use the same alibi. And it’s flattering and seems plausible, does it not?
Now, allow me to muddle the water just a little. I have a slight suspicion that the actual reasons for our great delight in the art of reading have much less to do with acquiring new knowledge than with satisfying our basic egotistical urges (this might appear as an artificial dichotomy as the first might include the second and vice versa. Perhaps our greatest egotistical urge is precisely – to acquire knowledge ). Anyway, here’s why. Continue reading



October 19, 2012 · 11:39 pm