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Isn’t life the greatest folly?


Do you feel depressed sometimes? Do you feel that you have reached nothing so far and probably never will reach anything? Do you feel that you have done nothing of merit? Do you feel that you have not met the expectations? Do you feel as an utter failure in life? Nothing works for you even though it seems that you have tried everything. You have consulted various authorities, visited prominent specialists, talked to well-known experts. You have engaged yourself with the brights and other inspiring luminaries of our time. You have listened carefully to the out-of-box-thinkers and dutifully applied every advice you have been given. You have kissed crucifixes and worshiped plethora of idols. You have practiced Yoga, Zen and Jujitsu. You have read the whole encyclopedia Britannica twice. Yet all this of no avail. You have been on a vegetarian diet for years, you have sat on the psychoanalyst’s couch even longer and taken doctors’ prescriptions since you were seven. And yet zero success. You still feel the same. You still feel bad about yourself. Life sucks. At least that’s what you say to yourself. Even though you have so much, it feels like you have nothing. Even though you have accomplished quite a bit in a short amount of time, it feels like you have done nothing. You feel like a nobody. And this feeling is what matters to you the most. It colors your perception of the world. You cannot shake it off or get rid of it. It is simply there. In you. You are it. You feel it at all times. Wherever you go, it follows you like a shadow. It seems like there’s no escape. You are trapped inside a cage of your own making.  Continue reading


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