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My writings are a Picnic


My hands are sweating. I feel the pressure in my lungs. The pressure to waste my dear life by putting these letters in half-meaningful knots – symbols – which, so I am told, have meaning beyond themselves. My breath goes in and out – in her own separate and flirty way. I don’t follow her. I only wish I could. I would like to capture and to seduce her.  Out of the blue and into the dark. She rises so mysteriously and so swiftly. She recedes into silence from whence she comes again and again. I am full of vigor and life when she is near. But when I catch and hold her, if only for a moment, I am out of breath instantly. I let her go in the hope that she will be back soon. Indeed, she returns shortly, only to disappear again. So many breaths wasted and so many more to come. Life is but a breath. Be wise and waste it. Allow it to run freely to no end, down the hill and through the valley. Continue reading



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