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I do not exist


My worms and vermins
My beetles and flies
My microbes and parasites
My dear cockroaches
Today I give you a new set of commandements
Hear me out and share the good news
We begin with the tenth and end with the first
-Do not ask me for favors
-Do not call upon me
Your prayers are in vain
I have no ears and I do not listen
-Do not search for me
-Do not follow me
My home is a labyrinth
I hide from your antennas and escape from your satellites
-Do not worship me
-Do not prostrate yourself before me
I have no eyes and I cannot see you
I have no heart, no feelings, neither body nor mind
-Do not ask me for help
-Do not beg for mercy
-Do not hope for miracles to happen
I ignore your lamentations and disdain your tears
I will squash your dreams and crush your ambitions
-Do not call me your God,
I have no name
Leave me alone
I do not exist


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