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My heart is hard and I do not care


When I was young,
my hopes were high and my dreams were big,
my blood was hot and boiling,
and the weather outside was shiny and bright.
The world seemed splendid and nice,
and the future as golden as face of the sun.
But as time passed by,
my hopes vanished as dust and smoke.
All that was sacred and beautiful before,
now died cold and alone.
My thirst for wisdom and glory
remained empty and vain.
The godly images became gloomy and pale,
as no seed sown in faith
brought forth a berry,
only weeds were left.
And now I despise the worldly things,
because I see that all is nightmare and trifle.
Whether it’s happiness or misery, sorrows or joys,
my heart is hard and I do not care.


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