Some people say their dreams out loud


Some people say their dreams out loud
but I prefer them to enshroud
in darkness, rain, storm and cloud,
with my strength and might endowed.

Some people yearn for gods, spirits
but I prefer my mind and wits.
No exceptions my rule admits.
In my soul no deity fits.

Some people search for happiness
but I prefer to digress
from all the honor and success
to a place with no address.

Some people crave for love and sense
but I prefer to dispense
with such pride and pretense
at my own risk and expense.

Some people want to be great
but I prefer my own fate.
For better days I cannot wait.
To live today – it is too late.

*Painting “Dream of Icarus” by Sergey Solomko



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3 responses to “Some people say their dreams out loud

  1. Schön

    Great! I know that´s your mind the innermost. Your title can be: Some People say their Dreams aloud.—say it out loud: that´s Chinese grammar structure.

  2. weirdaweso3e

    Words are meant to be played with how you please. That’s the beauty of poetry, it shouldn’t be structured, should be what you want it to be.

    • I’m an incurable rhyme-addict. For me structure is essential. It is that little something that differentiates poetry from a completely random, nonsensical everyday cackle. It adds a subtle rhythm to the expressed thoughts. Thus making them even more playful. 🙂

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