Everything will be alright


Don’t cry for me, my little girl.
For you alone my heart will swirl.
Take my hand and hold it tight.
Everything will be alright.

Don’t cry for me, my precious gem.
But If you do, I won’t condemn.
I stand beside you in this fight.
Everything will be alright.

Don’t cry for me, my lovely dove.
With you alone I am in love.
In your presence I take delight.
Everything then is alright.

Don’t cry for me, my sweet rose.
What future brings, no one knows.
Set these words before your sight.
Everything will be alright.

Don’t cry for me, my unknown friends.
This is not how my story ends.
Though shadows may appear tonight.
Everything will be alright.
*Painting – “Sylvester-Smiling” by Robert Henri, 1914.



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10 responses to “Everything will be alright

  1. Wow! Absolutely Superb! Thank You for Sharing!

  2. Schön

    Wonderful! Thank you for your comfort which reminds me of the days this very time last summer. They are in my mind.

  3. Hello! I’ve just nominated you for the “Blogger Recognition Award.” Thank you for sharing your time and talent with us!


    • Thank you for the nomination but I must respectfully decline. I see no point in these imaginary awards that seem to serve no purpose except that of keeping up appearances and indicating what a bright fellow the author is. And it just so happens that I am neither a bright fellow nor very good at keeping up appearances. Writing poetry is insane, meaningless and silly enough.

  4. Harmonie

    A wonderful poem. Absolutely amazing! 😀 Thank you for visiting my blog. Take care, best wishes and regards.

  5. This was so beautiful.
    ‘In your presence I take delight’.
    Just so beautiful.

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