What this life appears to be


What this life appears to be
is something strange it is not.
My eyes look out but do not see.
This wasted life is all I’ve got.

What I was one year ago
today I am not anymore.
All things are in flux and flow.
I have no roots, I have no core.

What were these nights before the dawn?
My darkest hours I spend in light.
All precious things have long been gone
I am asking now, is this alright?

What I am today is this –
an author of these boring songs.
Let me jump into abyss.
To no one else my soul belongs.

What has happened here before
these things were in flux and flow?
I am not the same anymore,
my soul has died long time ago.

*Painting – “A troubled soul” by Ferdinand Hodler.



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4 responses to “What this life appears to be

  1. Now an empty vessel. Pick the one thing you always wanted to do and keep your eyes on the prize. At this point what do you lose. If you are at the bottom the only way out is up.

  2. You are such a brilliant writer. I love this piece

  3. Should we take this seriously? Maybe. You speak here of temporary conditions that most feel from time to time … sometimes too much of the time. It is not abnormal to feel this way, but it should not last or you should seek help. What really helps is getting out of yourself and helping someone else. We feel like this when we take ourselves too seriously. Life, after all, is similar to a dream. We are never the same people we were before. We always morph into someone else. Even when we die we can expect the same … waking up again elsewhere being someone else. We always get better because the alternative is to get worse and no one wants that.

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