Let me write a shitty poem


Let me write a shitty poem,
So that I may win your love.
Memento mori and carpe diem.
There is no holy god above.

Now that I have my first verse written,
I feel good about this crap.
With these words you have been smitten,
I have lured you in my trap.

Where are the worries and the cares?
I laugh at death and so should you.
My mind assumes all lofty airs.
I place all virtues under taboo.

This is how my fourth verse starts.
Nothing fancy, just nonsense.
From common rules this verse departs,
I keep my readers in suspense.

Shall we move to deeper waters
where air is fresh and whether sunny?
Only one thing really matters –
is your purse filled with money?

Now, I may have lost my senses.
Forgive me, please, if that’s the case.
To hell with wisdom and pretenses.
Tell me the truth I have to face.

Though you may dislike this poem,
Remember me – I cursed it first.
Memento mori and carpe diem,
Admit that you have read much worse.



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18 responses to “Let me write a shitty poem

  1. Original in its shittiness!

  2. One

    You are silly! 🙂

  3. I’ve read shittier poems…

  4. Rather cheeky, the silly poem 🙂

  5. LOL! I love it! 😛
    Do you collaborate?
    (Hey… who is an artist?)

    • Thanks. 🙂
      I’ve never collaborated before but I’m open to trying I suppose.
      The artist of the painting, if that’s what you are asking, is Odd Nerdrum – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Odd_Nerdrum

      • Oh, I’m so sorry, I wasn’t clear enough 😛
        But you got it, yes 🙂

        Odd Nerdrum, WOW… Thank you for the link and the video!! I’ve never been to in St.Petersburg and the Hermitage Museum, it’s my dream…
        About collaborations. I don’t know if you read my collaborative works, but I would feel honored if you give us a chance to create something together!

        Yours, Unbolt

      • Sure, let’s try something and see where it leads.
        Could you send me an idea or two (or even better, one poetical/nonsensical sentence or verse)? And we’ll go from there. I have no idea how collaborations work, hence, naturally I feel like an expert collaborator. 🙂
        Contact information is available on my gravatar profile!

  6. The poem is indeed shitty, but that made me smile, it has a similar meter to many of swifts poems, which I actually enjoy a great deal (particularly on the death of Dr Swift).

    What I find abhorrent is the picture. Words fail me. Why, oh why, oh why why that person would crap right in the middle of the path, that is just thoughtless and inconsiderate…

  7. I’ve read much worse indeed. In my own blog lol. Nice I like it.

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