What nonsense gives your spirit wings?


What nonsense gives your spirit wings?
What melody your silence sings?
To which past your future ever clings
above all powers, above all things?

What nonsense inspires you to act?
Is it something concrete or abstract?
All that’s broken, remains intact.
No faith in god refutes this fact.

What nonsense allows your faith to last?
Your hope for future or regret of past?
The universe is indifferent and vast,
Your life is short and fading fast.

What nonsense gives you strength and power?
How much truth you can devour?
Cut down a tree and pluck a flower.
This life of yours lasts but an hour.

What nonsense causes your head to spin?
What are the fruits of death and sin?
All fades away, much to our chagrin.
Our journey ends where we begin.



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2 responses to “What nonsense gives your spirit wings?

  1. This is a perfect example on how important tags are. Good Job. –smile–

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