There are no rules to follow


There are no rules to follow.
No wisdom we can borrow.
The broadest paths are narrow.
With joy there comes a sorrow.

There are no thoughts to entertain.
No clarity we can attain.
Our utmost efforts are in vain.
Beneath our smiles there hides a pain.

There are no views to support.
No sense or meaning we can distort.
Of our ideals we all fall short.
In guilt we find our last resort.

There are no others to encourage.
No love we can disparage.
Our hatred breeds our marriage.
Our fears will give us courage.

There are no souls to marry.
No burden we can carry.
Our choices always vary
despite our wish to the contrary.

There are no words to express.
No urge we can repress.
Our lack is an excess.
Our follies – our success.

There are no sins to confess.
No minds we can impress.
All order is a mess.
All knowledge – but a guess.



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2 responses to “There are no rules to follow

  1. Rajat

    awesome…..creative….beautifully written and so true,..

  2. Lionheart

    “All knowlege – But a guess”. Line of the decade! (Y)

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