Take with me a little drink


Take with me a little drink.
Let’s do this fast without a blink.
From evil sins we should not shrink.
Let’s fill our cups and do not think.

Ride with me for a little while,
not a lifetime but just a mile.
Upon our journey fate will smile,
the death of gods makes it worthwhile.

Play with me a little game.
Call this life without an aim.
I will lose and receive the fame,
you will win and get the blame.

Dance with me for a little bit
Why hesitate? Just do it!
Why bother ’bout the holy writ?
All these fancies you should quit.

Stay with me for a brief hour
Keep your face from turning sour.
Above all gods we will tower
like a tree next to a flower.



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3 responses to “Take with me a little drink

  1. Love this- absolutely fantastic piece

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