From this dark and gloomy hour


From this dark and gloomy hour
I will brush away my past.
In my hands I hold the power
to keep on fighting to the last.

From this gulf and deepest abyss
I will reach the velvet sky.
I choose to live within this bliss,
my youthful soul will never die.

From this present state of things
I will change the world for you.
See this flower – how it springs
into each moment fresh and new.

From this dry and arid ground
I will make the water flow.
With greenest grass it will abound,
where is this place you’ll never know.

From this smashed stone and rock
I will erect a monument.
On empty space I will daily knock
and live in fear and discontent.

From this tiny loaf of bread
I will feed the multitude.
Bring forth the living and the dead
Receive your poison and your food.

From this little grain of sand
I will build the universe.
I thought it will forever stand
but the truth is quite the reverse.


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3 responses to “From this dark and gloomy hour

  1. There is light at the end of tunnel.
    Night follows day. Have faith in God and your self. 🙂

  2. We ought to believe the eternal truth. Every other thing is just a passing phase.

    Wonderfully woven verses.


  3. Lionheart

    There’s nothing that’s impossible. A little hope and a little belief would do anything. 🙂

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