My only candle I have blown


My only candle I have blown,
in darkness now I sit alone.
There are no sins to atone,
I reap the seeds that I have sown.

My only truth I have lost,
these thoughts I now reduce to dust.
From all the love and all the trust
I turn away now in disgust.

My only life I have flushed,
in misery I sit now crushed.
I sleep in filth and loathsome ash,
my greatest hopes were cruelly dashed.

My only mirror I have broken,
I sit now with my eyes wide open.
That dreadful silence has surely spoken
and all the ghosts have now awoken.

My only flower I have cut
and every door I have shut.
I sit now in my rotten hut
and ask myself to live or not.



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2 responses to “My only candle I have blown

  1. Amazing! Well written 😀

  2. Incredibly moving and beautifully written. Great choice of image, those eyes are somehow both stark and filled with crushing emotion – the experience of dark emotion leads to emptiness.

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