All the secrets I have seen


All the secrets I have seen,
in every corner I have been.
Every thought – good or mean,
and every image in between.

All the poor and splendid places,
All the sad and happy faces.
All the roads and hidden traces,
All this and more my soul embraces.

All the flavors I have tasted,
All the love and all the hatred.
So many hours I have wasted
to know all this – made or created.

All the joyful states and fears,
All the laughter, smiles and tears.
From all these deeds and histories
I have gained my expertise.

All the mouths I have kissed,
nothing I have ever missed.
From every table I have eaten
and every fear I have beaten.

All the gods I have drowned,
no other idol I have crowned.
Every truth I have owned
and every sinner I have stoned.

In all these images I have seen
I’ve never found one human being.
No filthy beast or a vile machine
could be so lost or so obscene.



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5 responses to “All the secrets I have seen

  1. Amazing poetry, glad you stumbled upon one of my post´s.

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