Celebrate the evil habit


Celebrate the evil habit
blowing bubbles in the dark.
Look at them and admit
that life contains no inner spark.

Celebrate the wicked deed
setting gods on blazing fire.
Unbelief is your humble creed
and disinterest – your sole desire.

Celebrate the hell inside
in the midst of paradise.
Choose the serpent as your guide
and follow closely his advice.

Celebrate the bitter end
at the start of your noble quest.
Take a moment to pretend
that you are chosen and very blessed.

Celebrate the falling leafs
at the onset of your spring.
There are no views and beliefs
to which you should or ought to cling.


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4 responses to “Celebrate the evil habit

  1. Unique, always enjoy your work! will you write a poem that describes republican losers please… or maybe this will…be it…

  2. One must be very disillusioned to write this. Sometimes I see this is an unfair world where monsters are winning, good people are trampled rather easily. Then such thoughts come to mind.

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