In my thoughts I laugh at you


In my thoughts I laugh at you
while outwardly I nod.
Believe the lies I hold for true
and worship me as god.

In my eyes I see you through
while outwardly I look away.
You really do not have a clue
that I have led you far astray.

In my heart I hate your breath
while outwardly I blow a kiss.
I hope you have a painful death
and evaporate in the abyss.

In my soul I wish you dead
while outwardly I smile.
Your life is hanging on a thread
that I’ve been cutting for a while.

In my mind I see your grave
while outwardly I pray for you.
All your life you’ve been a slave
whom I attempted to subdue.

While outwardly it seems so odd
in my heart I do not care.
I live my life as a god –
dead, unconscious, unaware.



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12 responses to “In my thoughts I laugh at you

  1. Nice! great pace… almost sounds like an incantation. I do love a bit of interlaced quatrain 🙂

  2. Nice, hauntingly nice. Kinda reminded me of Patrick Bateman little speech about how he was but a skin to others

  3. this is what makes us human the picture kinda spooky and beautiful

  4. Great piece real fan of your work, wondered if we could write something together.

  5. breakdownchick

    Nice flow & disturbingly beautiful.

  6. This is brilliant.
    Great rhythm and form.
    Good piece of writing.

  7. breakdownchick

    Reblogged this on Labeled Disabled and commented:
    Today for Poetry Potluck in my Writing 201 class, we had to reblog a favorite poem of ours.
    I loved this one by, because as I was reading I related to that two faced person we all have to be sometimes. Then the poem escalated, and it became slightly disturbing but ever so intriguing. It flows really well and stayed with me.

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  9. Brilliant! Loved it!! – Janine 🙂

  10. Reblogged this on WordEssence and commented:
    Awesome poem, a must reblog….

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