I looked into the mirror’s eye


I looked into the mirror’s eye
And saw a bird fall from the sky.
Always cautious and afraid to die,
It never learned how to fly.

I looked into the devil’s nest
And saw a god at ease and rest.
Always happy and very blessed,
It never dared to protest.

I looked into emptiness
And found plenty there to possess.
For I had more in having less –
Freedom, love and tenderness.

I looked into empty space
And saw no mark of any trace.
If treason was a warm embrace,
Then hatred is beyond disgrace.

I looked into the ocean’s waves
And saw that kings were former slaves.
Nothing matters and no one saves
Those who leave their empty graves.



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4 responses to “I looked into the mirror’s eye

  1. I relate to the first three stanzas. Being one to not take chances or afraid to take chances (trust issues) I never learned to fly either.
    The last two stanzas puzzled me, I read them many times and concluded the end of this life means nothing if king or slave.

    This is a really powerful poem. Bravo.

  2. I am reminded of Why else but to forestall this hour by Adrienne Rich, another poem which I greatly admire.

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