Who sees behind my eyes


Who sees behind my eyes
That mask with many I’s
Who spells the truth as lies
And grieves when no one dies.

Who hears behind my ears
That note that disappears
Who meets his death with cheers
And happiness with fears.

Who feels behind my heart
That self that falls apart
Who ends at the start
And arrives to depart.

Who speaks behind my tongue
That little piece of dung
Who spoke, yet never sung
And blessed right as wrong.

Who thinks behind my mind
That precious gem and find
Who leaves the gods behind
with no words or thoughts – defined.


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10 responses to “Who sees behind my eyes

  1. Lovely . Just amazing Thanks dear for sharing have a beautiful weekend.

  2. That is not the question. Thew

  3. Beautifull. BTW, where is this picture taken from?

  4. I feel a melancholy longing to know something when I read this. I loved it.

  5. The opening four are wow.. wat a deep insight! Very bold.

  6. well-pruned and bushy poem. needs music. thanks.

  7. Phillip Williams

    Such pure words… you are an amazing writer… thank you for sharing.

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