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Write me nothing fluently


Write me nothing fluently
Send me silence movingly
Vow me dust hopefully
Make me humble boastfully

Spend a moment untimely
Show a picture hiddenly
Tell a story quietly
Set me forward backwardly

Find me happy bitterly
Bring me sadness joyfully
Call me never frequently
Fill me up emptily

Keep me present absently
Arrange a thought disorderly
Avoid a trap elusively
Leave a trace unknowingly



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Sleep, my nonexistent soul, sleep


Sleep, my nonexistent soul, sleep.
Deep is my shallow breath, deep.
Peep, my clouded eye, peep.
Cheap is my priceless treasure, cheap.
Leap, my absent reason, leap.
Steep is my darkest hour, steep.
Weep, my silent heart, weep.
Heap is my emptiness, heap.
Sleep, my nonexistent soul, sleep.


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I died today but all is well


I died today but all is well.
The world lives on as you can tell.
I climbed much and always fell,
gazing at my own navel.

Come and listen to my counsel,
Forget the scriptures and the gospel.
There is no heaven nor is there hell,
God is dead and all is well.

The simple fact is very cruel,
Chaos is the only rule.
There is no light on which to dwell,
God is dead and all is well.

There is no boat nor ship to propel.
There is no demon nor an angel.
There is no need to cry and yell,
God is dead and all is well.

Go now, go, my lovely damsel.
There is nothing here to unravel.
The truth is but a magic spell
and the greatest freedom – a prison cell.


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