Liberate yourself from words


Liberate yourself from words,
all these syllables and letters.
Though these winds may bring rewards,
they will hold you down in fetters.

Liberate yourself from thoughts,
all these symbols and images.
Though these birds were out of cages,
they will tie you up in knots.

Liberate yourself from dreams,
all these chimeras and fancies.
Though these moths may tease your soul,
they will never let you go.

Liberate yourself from hopes,
all these promises and wishes.
Though these oaths may let you be,
they will never set you free.

Liberate yourself from motions,
all these flows and dynamics.
Though these waves were in deep oceans,
all of them are just for kicks.

Liberate yourself from deeds,
all these acts and happenings.
Though these weeds were golden seeds,
new life from them never springs.


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One response to “Liberate yourself from words

  1. Liberate yourself from those who wold liberate you.

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