I died today but all is well


I died today but all is well.
The world lives on as you can tell.
I climbed much and always fell,
gazing at my own navel.

Come and listen to my counsel,
Forget the scriptures and the gospel.
There is no heaven nor is there hell,
God is dead and all is well.

The simple fact is very cruel,
Chaos is the only rule.
There is no light on which to dwell,
God is dead and all is well.

There is no boat nor ship to propel.
There is no demon nor an angel.
There is no need to cry and yell,
God is dead and all is well.

Go now, go, my lovely damsel.
There is nothing here to unravel.
The truth is but a magic spell
and the greatest freedom – a prison cell.


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18 responses to “I died today but all is well

  1. jupiterbeings

    Nietzsche – Esque! Bravo!

  2. m

    Great line, “I climbed much and always fell/gazing at my own navel,” my Sunday school class did a quick bit on different types of sin a while back and one was from Martin Luther talking about navel gazing.

  3. Perhaps a little nihilistic for my taste, but the rhythm is great, and should be put to music. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I like the feel of this poem. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Brenda

    Loved it! Your writing is hauntingly beautiful. ~B

  6. Great title, I like the Margritte reference as well. Thanks for visiting vsvevg.

  7. I like! I particularly admire the musical quality of your poems, it lifts the words out of the depth of feelings conveyed – creating a magical fusion of poetry and philosophy.

  8. Very evocative. I like your structure and word usage.

  9. I think I have found soulmate, pretending there IS such a thing as a soul!

  10. Heartafire

    Love the perfect rhythm of this beautifully written poetry, thank you!

  11. reminds me of that Breugel painting, “Icarus Falling”.

  12. Liked the lines ..
    “I died today but all is well.
    The world lives on as you can tell.
    I climbed much and always fell,
    gazing at my own navel.”

    But as far as i think – “Those who borne will meet to death, even if He is God.” But God doesn’t borne. However, as per various mythologies, one of His own share takes birth as a human and since a human will have to die one day, He also leaves His body on the earth.

  13. “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he didnt exist.”

    Really liking your words, so many layers!

  14. “I asked why, but no answer came
    I studied wise men, but the answer was still the same
    I’m a leaf in the forest green, I’m a drop in the ocean blue
    But I miss the love I’ve seen and I miss the God I knew.”

    Black Hat – thus.i.wrote

    Like all under the sun, all tools of man can be for good or evil.
    That includes religion…The good part of it was a comforting deception.

    Lovely poetry and images.
    Best Wishes and thank you for visiting my blog.

  15. Thank you for taking the time to read my work. I try to make time to say thank you at least to everyone who does. I don’t judge things by how people are supposed to think or any other conventional standard. I touch thoughts and ideas and taste them and then just speak honestly about how they seem and how they make me feel. I read a couple your pieces. You write well but what you write leaves me feeling sad not completely sad but rather sad for you. knowing that I’m a very literal person it seems quite likely that I’m missing either irony sarcasm or something else which may completely transform my perspective on what you write.
    I’ll come back and read again and perhaps learn more about what moves you.
    Best regards,

  16. The last two lines read like a Zen koan. Excuse me while I go meditate on them for six hours until my sensei whacks me on the side of the head with a bamboo stick. I also like the refrain, “God is dead and all is well,” though overexposure to current events makes me unsure about whether the second clause is true. Then again, as Christopher Hitchens said, as messed up as the world is, we’re much better off than we’d be if God were still alive, much as his corpse still stinks to holy hellish heaven.

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