Where would human goodness be without music, books and poetry?


Where would human goodness be
without music, books and poetry?

Where would faith and honor be,
without a touch of bigotry?

Where would truth and fairness be
without the lies and trickery?

Where would awe and blessing be
without the wit and irony?

Where would creed and dogma be
without the fear and uncertainty?

Where would all the religions be
without the deceit and idolatry?

Where would grace and forgiveness be
without the blame and cruelty?

Where would joy and happiness be
without the pain and misery?

Where would bliss and pleasure be
without the trouble and malady?

Where would praise and laudation be
without the pretense and mockery?

Where would condemnation and disapproval be
without the applause and flattery?

Where would grief and sadness be
without the fun and comedy?

Where would rights and freedoms be
without the crime and slavery?

Where would love and kindness be
without the pious hostility?

Where would sympathy and friendship be
without the fervent enmity?

Where would trust and affection be
without the sarcasm and animosity?

Where would stars and insects be
without a healthy rivalry?

Where would gift and giving be
without the constant thievery?

Where would fact and substance be
without the myth and ambiguity?

Where would our tomorrows be
without a timely obituary?

Where would all the feelings be
without the numbness and apathy?

Where would meaning and wisdom be
without the folly and absurdity?


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9 responses to “Where would human goodness be without music, books and poetry?

  1. Joshua M Swenson

    Yin and yang!

  2. Understanding your general flow, I wonder about the opening lines. Kind of, not able to set the same relation as depicted in the rest of the poem. Would love to hear your thought process behind

    • The opening line contrasts two “positives” (i.e., “human goodness” and “poetry”), while all the other lines balance two seemingly opposite things – a “positive” with a “negative” (i.e., “wisdom” and “folly”, “honor” and “bigotry”, “forgiveness” and “cruelty” etc.). But one is free to interpret some “positives” as “negatives” and other way around (i.e., “poetry” can be viewed as a “negative”).

  3. Yeah… I understand it.. Though poetry or any writing is open to interpretations, but it always helps to know the thought behind. You have a very sharp sense of sarcasm and your poetry is really thought provoking. I like your writings more because they have some deep purpose to serve, other than just being creative. I look forward to serve the similar purpose through my writing as well.. let’s see how far do I reach 🙂

    Pleasure to be connected with you.

  4. Where would we be, without love and hatred

  5. Thank you for reading me. This one of yours, deserves, many reads. It’s great.

  6. One cannot fully appreciate the good without also experiencing its opposite or absence! Great stuff

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