Only innocent heroes deserve to be hanged


Only innocent heroes deserve to be hanged.
Only innocent victims deserve to be shot.
Only innocent thieves deserve to be flogged.
Only innocent eyes deserve to be closed.

Only innocent sinners deserve to be punished.
Only innocent virgins deserve to be seduced.
Only innocent fools deserve to tricked.
Only innocent martyrs deserve to be burned.

Only innocent animals deserve to be killed.
Only innocent riots deserve to be crushed.
Only innocent lives deserve to be wasted.
Only innocent criminals deserve to be adored.

Only innocent poets deserve to be banished.
Only innocent stories deserve to be suppressed.
Only innocent secrets deserve to be revealed.
Only innocent dreams deserve to be destroyed.

Only innocent tales deserve to be banned.
Only innocent books deserve to be censored.
Only innocent thoughts deserve to be dismissed.
Only innocent lies deserve to be told.


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7 responses to “Only innocent heroes deserve to be hanged

  1. thankfulgirl20

    I love it!! Very bold!

  2. Great! Absolutely great!

  3. And this post deserves a thumbs up. Good stuff

  4. only innocent consequences … awesome

  5. there is no yin without a
    yang … Life cannot exist without
    death .,.. change cannot exist without
    static thought … true beauty lies on the other
    side of the ugliest truth .,.. and life without death … would mean
    nothing …
    there is meaning only in
    contrast … great beauty lies
    hidden within the darkest
    night … through open eyes we
    see …

  6. Striking. Love the antithesis of images that runs though this.

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