Put the fragrance of a flower into words


Put the fragrance of a flower into words.
Express the sound of a lonely note.
Draw the colors of an absent rainbow.
Describe the sound of ocean waves.

Put the smell of burnt onions into words.
Express the sweetness of a bitter honey.
Draw the laughter of a little boy.
Describe the eyes of the loved one.

Put the stillness of a night into words.
Express the noise of a falling snowflake.
Draw the taste of a sour apple.
Describe the voice of a roaring wind.

Put the movement of an hour into words.
Express the ripple of a hidden breath.
Draw the pulse of an unknown heart.
Describe the glitter of your death.



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29 responses to “Put the fragrance of a flower into words

  1. sagarika

    “Put the fragrance of a flower into words.”-Mystifying
    “Express the sound of a lonely note.”-a note waiting to be made
    “Draw the colors of an absent rainbow.”-as colorful as a rainbow
    “Describe the sound of ocean waves.”-heart beat of a human heart
    – Sagarika

  2. Enjoyed reading your poems. Thanks for stopping by Poemattic.

  3. Thoughtful . . . Enigmatic . . . Poignant on our limitations . . .

  4. beautiful and moving poetry! Thank you !

  5. Shery Alexander Heinis

    I do sometimes feel I have no words to describe the beauty and mystery of nature and life.

  6. Expressions are a way of Life..
    You Are So Very Right..
    Keep up the Good Work..

  7. I love your poetry, you are very good! Truly awesome, in fact. Very powerful stuff, very moving, thought provoking and memorable. x

  8. rhymesontheside

    The final stanza, in particular, was very well done.

  9. There is something about this poem that makes me want to keep reading it and to want to try to do all the things you have suggested, many of them just impossible. That’s the beauty of it.

  10. Zula Julia

    This is brilliantly original

  11. I would very much like to re-publish this poem next year in my “Guestbook” channel in KPKworld. Have I your permission to expand your audience?

  12. Describe the glitter of your death.
    I love your words, your imagery and your pictures.

  13. elisabethkhan

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Your work is fascinating! I love the art, as well. I’ll be back often…

  14. this is just lovely candy…
    there are times i wonder if we’ve come in to contact in some other place before… odd i know… perhaps, perhaps not… sometimes the interwebz are smaller than they seem…
    i haven’t had enough coffee today, am still befuddled from sleep…

  15. This poem discribes our inherent inability to truly describe the wonders of life. Really love it.

  16. NoOneKnows

    “If I find within myself desire, with which nothing in this world can satisfy, the only logical explanation is that I was made for another world.” C.S. Lewis. You are certainly in contact with this deep longing we all can identify with, that is within ourselves. Convoluted in its cross matching of the senses,

  17. NoOneKnows

    …and that this complexity is a wonderful motivator to seek out why when we smell a rose we can identify with the color red and the feel of thorns protecting delicate pedals. This reveals a truth this that is worthy of contemplating. As worthy as contemplating the good in the bad and the bad in the good, so to realize truth is somewhere down the middle. I enjoyed this poet and the interrelated perception revealing a sense of longing of which all persons can find something that immediately says “oh yeah, I wondered about that. It seems important.”

  18. and yet, i am hard pressed to imagine you on the book of faces…

  19. Not only is your poem beautiful, but it could easily serve as the wonderful prompts for 16 other beautiful poems, each as amazing as the first. You truly are a gem my friend.

  20. lingeringmarionette

    Inspirational. Sounds lovely when read aloud. A vivid motivator for writing, and other artistic pursuits!

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